The Questions to ask when confronted by change.

Life is constant. Life is change. Life forces us to ask questions. But do we ask the right questions?

One day, we all face a catalyst for change. When it happens,  our attitude determines how we face that moment. Do we look it straight in the eye and stare it down, or do we meekly turn away and continue doing what we were doing?

Staring down that catalyst, acknowledging it for what it is, and taking the leap for change is what we all know we should do. But do we?

Does that catalyst present a new opportunity at work? Does it present an opportunity to feel better about yourself? Do you know that change is needed, but scared or unsure how to effect that change?

There is support for you when these moments arise.Looking in the wrong place doesn’t help you. Looking in the old places, probably won’t help either.

You need to look at the right place, ask the right questions, seek the right support and face that moment. I can say that I have faced those moments many times in my life and reacted in both ways on occasions. Making the change for a healthier me, was one such moment, while sometimes at work, the ole head went down and battled through, without necessarily accepting the challenge.

When the moment hits you, will you know what to do? Will you have the courage to look that change in the eyes, embrace it and make the best of it?

Explore your options. As those questions. Only then can you make the best decision for you. One thing is for certain, the catalyst of change will be there. Will you take it?


The core of this article was first published in 2010 on Leadership, Life and Style. Some advice is timeless.



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Tony Curl
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