What Spring MeansSpring and What It Means for Us Aussies.

Spring hits Australia in September and when it does it means a couple of things that we all know and maybe some we don’t.

Let’s look at some we may not know.

First up. Let’s make something clear. Spring the season starts officially on September 21, going by the astronomical calendar.  Did you know this?  As Aussies we said “Bugger that, we want ours to start on September 1”, so we changed it. Changed the dates and that was it. Spring starts September 1.

Spring Means

Spring means we have a large range of flowers that blossom in Spring, from Blushing Brides to Kangaroo Paws as well as Cymbidium Orchards. Colours bloom in gardens everywhere.

Spring means our grass starts growing and our mowers need fixing. How often has the mower come from the shed only to find the old fuel has fouled the engine so it’s off to the small mower mechanic down the road to get a service and a clean.

Spring means the new BBQ and outdoor ranges are available at Bunnings and we can go down on the weekend and dream about how much better our life would be if we just had the last six burner outdoor kitchen with concealed bar fridge and side burner. You know the one with the marble top. We all need a dream.

Spring means Bathurst is just around the corner and the V8 races we love the most, the Enduros. Sandown, Bathurst and the Gold Coast give us the reason to sit around with our mates, outside in our new outdoor lounge setting, swapping stories about the new six burner outdoor kitchen you want to purchase, and watching the supercars race the tracks. It’s just around the corner from Spring and we love it.

Spring means spring weddings. The wedding industry gears up for Spring peak period as both brides and grooms rush to the alter for the spring rush.

Spring means footy finals as all the major codes culminate their seasons with some thrilling footy action. For some this means extreme excitement, for others whose teams haven’t made it, it usually means dreaming for next season and being involved in heated discussion around what your team needs to do better next year. It’s spring and we farewell our footy codes until next year.

Spring means that we start getting back into shape after a winter of bulky clothes and hiding away. It means gym memberships, pavements pounded and healthy eating. It means a focus on a beach body, after all we are an island nation.

So what does spring mean for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear them.