Embracing Our Ridiculousness

Embracing our Ridiculousness.

On his recent visit to Australia I had many conversations with Steve Maraboli on a huge variety of subjects. Human behaviour, psychology research, the US election, people movements, bacon (us Aussie have that down) and business. One of the key messages we spoke about often, was how ridiculous we all are. We are ridiculous. It’s time to embrace our ridiculousness.

So let’s embrace it.

  • We are ridiculous when we worry about things we have no control over.
  • It’s ridiculous that in the middle of winter we have people rushing outside to smoke cigarettes.
  • It’s ridiculous we can spend a whole day on the couch and bemoan that we wasted a day.
  • It’s ridiculous that we want better, but don’t take action to do anything for it.
  • It’s ridiculous we long for gifts we don’t have, and ignore the ones we do have.
  • It’s ridiculous that we know what is best for us, yet continually look to start tomorrow.
  • It’s ridiculous that our past still binds us to pain.
  • We are ridiculous….

And when we realise it, when we embrace it, when we can laugh at ourselves and realise how absolutely ridiculous we all are, that is when we can make change. When we embrace our ridiculousnesss we can see through the stuff, the lies and the excuses we tell ourselves and set off on a journey of making ourselves the best we can be.

Have you ever laughed at something you’ve done? Have you ever smiled at something you have thought about? I have a smile every day when the alarm beats me up. Why? Because my initial thought is still not good, I really don’t like being woken by the alarm. But after the initial response of “arrrggghhhh”, I share a wry smile with myself and get up and get going. I acknowledge my ridiculousness and realise, what it is that I want to achieve and get on with it.

Staying in bed is not a option. That means giving into me being ridiculous, because, what is ridiculous is me not doing what I know I should be doing and that is simply ridiculous.

Embrace your ridiculousness, acknowledge it, but then get doing what it is that you want to ultimately achieve. You’ve got this.



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