Pointing the Finger Rarely Points the way.

An interesting fact of life, we find blame in others easier than finding fault with ourselves.

Often we look for others to blame

For where we are

The mistakes we make

For the stuff we don’t get done

For the promotion we missed

For the sales we didn’t get 


Blame is a place where we live

Pointing the finger never points the way

When we look to blame others we take away responsibility for ourselves

We don’t accept responsibility for where you are

Those things happen, it’s an unfortunate fact of life

But living in a state of blame doesn’t help us achieve the greatness we have within us

Living in a state of blame doesnT help us unleash our greatest potential

Living is a state of blame doesn’t help us appreciate our gifts our talents

Living in a state of blame doesn’t help us be grateful for what we have

Living in a state of blame makes us bitter not better

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Tony Curl
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