Think about the behavior that was acceptable in the workplace even just a few decades ago. First of all, women and people of color had a much harder time even being considered for certain positions. And terms such as “darling”? Those were used without much thought.
Fortunately, times have changed and we’ve evolved, and those phrases are no longer tolerated—or they shouldn’t be. But that isn’t the only catchphrase that has luckily started to leave the work world. Take the saying, “Let me be honest.” If you use it, it might be a red flag to a listener that you haven’t been honest up until now. If you hear it, you might begin to doubt every conversation you have with that same person.
Those tired phrases are ones that the modern-day workforce is mostly glad to eliminate in favor of a more inclusive, more cooperative team that approaches problem solving with a united front. What words should you be wary of? This graphic can help