Please play me as you read me.

Every now and again Friday night rolls around and to make me happy, I pull out the old vinyl and immerse myself in the 80’s. There is nothing more 80’s, nothing more Friday night than “Friday Night” by Redgum, that aussie legend band that brought us “He Was Only 19.”

Enjoy and sing along with me.

I remember those summers like a dream ago
Nights so high, and weeks so slow
Backyard parties comin’ in waves
Scratched LP’s and Purple Haze
Punched the clock, paid my union dues
Swapped my sneakers for my steel toe shoes
Take away dusk, cappuccino dawn
Pimps and strippers, golden limbs, spice of life, whiff of sin

Friday night, don’t drag your feet
Young blood pumpin’ to a strange back beat
Friday night like Bundy neat
Smells so sleazy and tastes so sweet

Fifteen bucks ’cause my boards in hock
Petrol on credit, car on blocks
Old man’s spanners, old man’s jack
Grease on the nipple and a new set of fats
My little brother’s boppin’ to the summertime blues
Flyin’ too high on aeroplane glue
Dad said he had prospects growing up clean
Come the night, neon skies, another pale kid with the fire in his eyes

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