Stop The Rot: 4 Ways Oral Health Can Help The Whole Body


Dismissing our teeth is easy. Sure, we want them to look nice, but, apart from that we don’t really care until there is a pain. Then, we jump into action because a toothache is no joke. It truly is a badmotherflubber! Other than that, though, there is no real reason to bother about the mouth. As long as the teeth are clean, don’t give off a pong, and are painless then everything is fine.

The body is complex machine linked in a variety of different ways. It’s for this reason why neglecting oral hygiene is an unwise move. Here are four ways the body and the mouth are inextricably linked.

Heart Disease

As farfetched as it sounds, researchers have found a link between cardiovascular diseases and oral hygiene. Now, it’s worth noting that the relationship isn’t a sure thing yet and that they are carrying out new tests, but it’s still a frightening thought. According to the boffins in the lab, excess bacteria in the mouth can lead to infections and inflammations; think of an ulcer or something like that. These can either permeate into the rest of the body, particularly the major organs, or put extra stress on blood flow. Simply changing your diet and brushing twice a day may prevent everything from a heart attack to a stroke.

Premature Birth

Ladies reading this who are pregnant should understand the relationship between gum disease and giving birth. During pregnancy, a woman’s hormones are so imbalanced that the slightest cough can lead to a full-blown cold. As the immune system is weak, you are more susceptible to illnesses. Gum disease is one, which is worrying because there’s a definite link between periodontitis and premature labour. Bowral Street Dental Practice can help by checking up on oral hygiene and maintaining oral health. Of course, a doctor should be able to spot issues before they become a problem, so tell them about this link and listen to their advice.


Although it’s a major problem, it’s easy to see it through rose-tinted glass because the treatments are effective. However, don’t be fooled – diabetes is a big deal and affects lives. Staving it away is the best form of defence, yet it’s harder to do with gum disease than without clean, healthy teeth and gums. The reason is that illnesses such as gingivitis and periodontitis inhibit the body’s ability to control blood sugar. It’s a cycle that goes around and around, sadly. Try and cut down on sugary foods and drinks.


For those who don’t know, Alzheimer’s is a mental issue where the brain deteriorates. Anyone who has seen it happen in real life will know how horrible the disease is and should want to avoid it like the plague. Eating “brain food” such as fish is the option the majority of us take, but there is a simpler solution. Brushing, flossing and using mouthwash should prevent cavities and stop teeth from falling out. The amount of teeth in your mouth is important as Alzheimer’s is prevalent in people under 35 dealing with teeth loss.

Do you treat your mouth like the rest of your body? If you don’t, you may suffer from one or all of the above.


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