Waking a child up in the morning is about as close as you can ever get to having your head bitten off. But waking a child up by saying, “it’s theme park day” will get them up, dressed and stood by the door in the click of your fingers. That’s the power theme parks have.

Their exciting, hair-raising, heart-thumping, smile-inducing and heaven-on-earth kind of places. But they’re also a place where that excitement can turn into accidents, from scraped knees to swollen elbows, to ride malfunctions, all of which will put a rather large rain cloud over your fun day out.

This begs one simple question: how do you keep your kids both happy and safe?

Well, to answer that question, follow these simple tips and tricks to make your next amusement park adventure the best one yet:

  1. Follow The Rules Of The Park

Believe or not, one of the most common causes of theme park accidents is kids not paying attention to park rules. It’s running where it says walk, it’s trying to overload a ride with a large group of friends, climbing fences and ignoring park employees. We know it may seem like these rules are soaking up the fun, but they’re there to protect you and your kids. It won’t matter how many times you visit http://emrochandkilduff.com/virginia-slip-fall-injury-attorneys/ because your kid had an accident; if you don’t follow the rules, you won’t be safe. So follow them and have fun. Simple.

  1. Eyes On At All Times

Apart from that moment when you forget you put your phone in the other pocket, nothing makes your heart fall faster than not knowing where your kids are, especially in such a busy place. Of course, it’s hard to have eyes on all the time, not least because your kids will want to do their own thing. That’s why you should have a plan should you get separated. That means picking a safe and obvious place (such as a kiosk) and agreeing to meet their should anything happen.

  1. Water Can Be Dangerous

If it’s a waterpark you are heading to, you need to understand the dangers of water and explain these to your children. Anyway, the most important of these dangers is your child’s ability to swim. Inviting them into a wave pool without a life vest when they struggle to stay afloat is not a good idea. Ut that’s just the start of it. It’s slapping on suncream knowing they are going to be in swimwear only. It’s teaching them not to swallow chlorine water. It’s knowing how to deal with disorientation. Water parks are twice the fun but they have twice the hazards.

  1. Take Some Breaks

Another thing you need to account for is some breaks. We know this is going to be hard because of all the excitement but High-speed rides take a toll on the body, putting you under extreme gravitational forces. It’s all that bouncing about, getting jerked this way and that and hurled in every direction. So, after a particularly fast ride, go for a ten-minute walk.

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