When you are busy training for a marathon, you will no doubt hear a lot of different information about the best ways to train. However, what no one will seem to tell you is the best way you can recover. Running a marathon will take a lot out of your body – after all, you will need to cover 26 miles while running, which is difficult even for professional runners! As your body will have a hard time throughout the race, it’s important that you focus well on the recovery period just as much as you did on the training. It’s the only way you can get ready to start training again!

So, wondering how you should recover after a marathon? Here are some important dos and don’ts.

Do Eat Plenty Of Protein

You will need to have a high-protein snack that is also high in carbs straight after the race. This will stop your body from crashing. But it’s also important that you continue to eat plenty of foods that are rich in protein for the next few days as well. Your body will need as much protein as it can get so that it can carry on recovering and help heal any injured muscles.

Don’t Stay Still For Too Long

You might be very tempted to stay in bed for the whole day after completing the marathon. This may be good for your mind, but trust me – it’s bad news for your body. You need to continue to move so that you can help your joints and legs stretch out and get back to normal. Some runners like to go for a very short and very slow recovery run the day after a big race. Others prefer to do some cross training, such as swimming or cycling. Whatever you do, though, you just need to keep on moving.


Do Say Yes To The Massage

At the very end of the marathon, you might notice some tents filled with masseuses offering free massages to all the runners. You should take up this offer as it can help the muscles in your legs come back to life. It’s also worth booking a remedial massage at some point in the week after your race, as this can help relieve any sore points in your legs.

Don’t Ignore Your Tired Body

Ideally, you should take the day after the marathon off work. Your mind and body will be exhausted still, and pushing yourself to work at this point could actually hinder their recovery. So, take the day off and give your tired body as many naps as it needs throughout the day. However, make sure your naps aren’t longer than forty minutes as that could make it a lot harder for you to fall asleep in the evening.

You will have worked so hard to get to the start line of the marathon. You and your body will certainly deserve the best kind of recovery. And that means following all these dos and don’ts!

Feature Image: https://pixabay.com/en/race-marathon-runners-athletes-932254/