There are those people who love working out in gyms. They like the fancy equipment and the constant crowd of hot people sweating right there, in front of them. However, there are others, the ones who dislike gyms, maybe exactly because all those people there, maybe because they don’t enjoy working out indoors, or simply because they find gym exercises plain boring. If you’re one of those people, you’re in luck, since there are many amazing and fun alternatives for you to maintain your fitness. Here are some of them.


If you loved jumping on trampolines when you were a kid, but at one point you had to stop due to becoming a grown-up, you can now return to your playful inner child with this new type of workout. A rebounder is a device very similar to a small trampoline, and rebounding is a kind of low-impact exercise you perform on a rebounder. In other words, you get to jump on a mini-trampoline in order to stay in shape. The movements vary from simply bouncing up and down, twists and jumping jacks, to all sorts of dance movements. These exercises are gentle on your body since the elasticity of the rebounder allows it to take up most of the shock your body normally would. On the other hand, a rebounding workout can be very demanding and fast-paced, with a lot of cardio, and you can even combine it with some weight lifting. The benefits may range from improving physical strength, balance and flexibility, to increasing cardiovascular and respiratory function, which gives you enough reasons to give rebounding a go today.


If you’re into action sports, this one’s the best one for you. It’s an outdoor recreational activity, which means you can enjoy the nice weather and fresh air while getting in shape at the same time. Plus, you can work out on your way to work and get there faster than you usually do. Invest in one of the cool and trustworthy cruiser skateboards, as well as in some protective equipment to prevent any injury. Skateboarding activates the majority of your muscle groups, makes your ankles more flexible and balance improved. Plus, it burns calories and tones your muscles, so you’ll be in shape before you know it and have fun in the process.

Pole dancing

Although there are still people who think pole dancing is a women’s workout, a growing number of dance studios in America, the UK and Australia are proving them wrong by offering men-only pole dancing classes. As the name says, it’s basically performing acrobatics and dance movements around a vertical pole, and there are pole dancing competitions around the globe. In order to practice pole dancing, you need to show vigor, flexibility, coordination and stamina. This is a dynamic and stimulating way to improve your fitness, with benefits including increased core-muscle strength, your entire body toned, as well as a self-confidence boost and stress relief. If you’ve never tried it before, waste no more time and find a studio near you now.

Aerial yoga

If you enjoy yoga, but it wasn’t exciting enough for you, you should try this new and flashier version of it instead. Aerial yoga is a balanced combination of the traditional yoga poses, dance and Pilates while hanging from a ceiling on a silk hammock. The hammock functions as a swing, which makes for an interesting variation of the regular yoga postures. Also, while on it, as you stretch and bend your body, your blood flow, breathing and digestion improve, while your muscles and joints are strengthened. The feeling of being in mid-air adds to the joy of the workout, so consider going to a class or two and see if you like it.

Even if you like going to the gym, doing the same routine at the same place over and over again can become monotonous and tiresome. That’s why it’s good to know that you can change the scenery and still find some amazing ways to stay fit.

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