Over the phone, and online counselling is something that’s rapidly growing in popularity. Most of us are online all of the time. Even when we are out and about, our smartphones are connected. We can speak to our friends and family and even people we’ve never met who live on the other side of the world, whenever we want to. We can order shopping on the go, check our bank accounts and even control our home heating and other appliances, without even being there. So, it’s no surprise that counselling services are also being accessed remotely.

But, it’s not without its criticisms. People worry that the relationship between counsellor and client could never grow without face to face contact, that the counsellor won’t be able to read the client, or that the client won’t ever feel fully able to open up or trust their counsellor. It’s certainly true that over the phone or online counselling won’t work for everyone, but it’s also absolutely true that it can be incredibly beneficial for some, and these services have many benefits.

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It’s Accessible for All

There’s still such a stigma to mental health. People still don’t talk about it enough, and many people worry about seeing a counsellor. They worry about what people will think, that they will face judgement, and can even feel shame and embarrassment. Online access to Psychologists makes mental health care more accessible. Those who usually wouldn’t see anyone for help with their problems are much more likely to make an appointment to speak to someone without face to face contact or without fear of other people finding out.


Another reason so many people neglect seeing any kind of doctor is time. We work long hours; our free time is packed, and many of our doctors and health care providers work 9-5 hours. We can’t always get an appointment without taking time off work, which isn’t always possible. Online and phone services mean that you can speak to someone when you need to. It fits around your daily life. You can even use the service at different times of the day.


While some people worry about building a relationship with someone that they can’t see, others find that it gives them much greater freedom. They find it much easier to let go, be themselves and spill all of their thoughts and feelings to someone that they can’t see, and they’ve got no chance of ever running into at their local store. Many people are much more comfortable with this kind of relationships.


When you see a therapist in person, unless you want to face a long commute to their office every appointment, you are limited to those near your home. You might only have a few options, and you could find that none of them specialise or even have experience in the area that you need help with. Using online and phone services mean that you’ve got a much greater selection to choose from. You’re bound to be able to find the help that you need.

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