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Kids can be picky at times. In fact, they have a tendency to be very picky when it comes to the food that they eat. If there is one food that most kids will refuse point blank to eat, it has to be vegetables. No matter what some parents try, there is just no way of getting their kids to tuck into their greens. This can be a worry for some parents, as veggies are such a great source of important vitamins and minerals that kids need to grow big and strong.

Are you worried that your kids aren’t getting enough vegetables in their diet? These proven ways to get them to eat their greens will change all that.

Hide Them

You could always try hiding vegetables in certain dishes. For instance, kids will never be able to tell that you grated up some carrots and mixed them into the bolognese sauce in their spaghetti bolognese. Similarly, you could chop up courgettes, carrots, and other veggies very finely and add them to the sauce in a homemade lasagne. I’m sure you’ll be able to think of ways you can disguise veggies in all kinds of stews, casseroles, and curries.

Give Them Supplements

If you are really struggling to persuade your kids to eat any vegetables, then you can always turn to greens supplement. This way, you know they are getting their daily requirement of various vitamins and minerals. There are lots of different supplements available, most of which you will be able to buy in supermarkets. Some of the ones aimed at kids come in the form of jellied candies, so there won’t be any complaints when you tell your kids to take them!

Get Them Involved

Kids love to be involved and help out their parents. If you ask them for their help in the kitchen when you are preparing meals, you should find that they are more likely to eat whatever you make for them. That’s because they will see all the time and effort that has gone into preparing the dish. Not only that, though, but I’m sure they will be so proud of their cooking that they will want to dig in as soon as it hits the table!

Don’t Get Angry

If your kids do put their foot down when it comes to eating veggies, you should never get angry at them, no matter how frustrated it might make you. That’s not all, though – you shouldn’t ever force them to eat something that they do not want to. This will only create negative associations with certain foods, and this will make them a lot less likely to want to try to eat it in the future.

Have Some Fun

Why not try to be creative with your food? Kids love playing make believe, so why not pretend the broccoli is tiny trees on their plate? Or cooking foods of different colors to add some brightness to their plate?

Once you try these, your kids will start eating veggies in no time at all!