When it comes to redesigning your house, when you’ve got a family on your hands, you need to keep them in mind first. And that’s hard to do – you’ve got little ones running around a house that’s pretty much a workzone, you’ve got zero access to the kitchen when they’re hungry, and those day trips you feel the need to take are starting to get a little bit expensive!

So before you get started on your home reno plans, and before you start tearing your hair out over bored kids and little house space to accommodate them, why not take a look into the room renovations your kids are going to love by the time they’re finished? There’s quite a few out there, so here’s a couple of the best.


An Open Plan Downstairs

Are your kids the active sort? Would you say they love running around and jumping about, having pillow fights and making a mess with whatever toys they own? Well then they’re going to love the idea of an open plan downstairs layout, no matter how grown up the idea itself seems!

When you explain to them how much more room they’re going to have, to spread out and make even more of a mess, they’re going to feel a lot more liberated in their own home. Don’t worry, with all this new space, you can assign areas specifically for them, and you won’t have to worry about Grandma’s china getting smashed when it’s properly tucked away in the corner!

Split Leveling

This is an especially beloved renovation if you have some kind of playroom! Your kids love to explore – they always want to go on adventures, and they’re forever bringing in various bugs and plant cuttings from the back garden to show you. So why not encourage this creativity in a more home friendly way by including some split leveling?

It can even be as simple an idea as hanging up a hammock near the ceiling for them to climb into when they want privacy. Or you can build some mini steps in their room which allows them to reach a platform further up, a bit like a bunk bed, but one they can actually play properly on!

Some Window/Secret Seating

Kids love to think they have secrets, and when you’ve got some extra special seating to add into your home, you can easily indulge this fantasy! The best way to do so would be by adding in a window seat, making sure there’s some curtains that can be drawn over it, and then play many a game of hide and seek with your kids giggling behind them!

And when services like Playoust Churcher residential architects are out there to expand your window space out for you to include this renovation, it’s going to be easier than ever to have both a stylish and playful installation put into your home!

Now’s your chance to design with children in mind – it’s their home too after all!

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