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If you’re a healthcare professional that’s always had a dream of going into private practice and imparting your medical knowledge to benefit others, whilst also creating a better financial life for yourself and your family than working for someone else – there’s no better time than today to consider opening your own private practice.

Whatever aspect of healthcare you are in, you’ll find plenty of practitioners that have taken the plunge into self-employment to find their lifestyle has taken a turn for the better as they have more money and more control over when they work.  

Of course, self-employment and setting up a small business isn’t always plain sailing; there are risks associated with it and several small businesses do fail – yet, with the right strategy and mindset you can turn your vision into a reality and set up a private practice quite easily, particularly if you were to consider professionally outfitting a part of your existing home; for instance, converting the downstairs area into a waiting room and consultancy room.  If you do have an interest in this, you might want to check out medical fitout Perfect Practice to get an idea of cost and what’s involved in this process.

In addition to kitting out your practice with the right equipment and creating an appropriate atmosphere based on the design of your premises, the most important thing you are going to need for success in private practice, are clients.

This article now looks at the three simple steps in the process of getting customers:


The first thing you need to do is have your target audience know you exist, as you can have the best private medical practice in the country, yet if nobody knows you exist, you’re not going to get very far.  This is where advertising comes in.

Now, of course, one of the best forms of advertising is that of word of mouth recommendation and many small businesses organically grow their client base on this basis alone; but you have to start somewhere, and in this sense, setting up a Facebook Ad account can be a highly targeted way to connect with your precise audience.

This tends to be much more effective than blanket advertising, where you reach out to everyone – it’s better to spend money on connecting with specific people that are likely to benefit from your offering than cater to the masses.

  1. VALUE

Once you have connected with your audience and they know you exist, the next step in the process is to create value – which can be as simple as saying “Toothache?  We can take the pain away, today”.  The key point being that you need to focus on a particular problem that you can solve – as this is what will create the value for the client.


In a similar vein to creating value by showing people in very clear and concise terms how you can help make their life better, the process of converting them from being curious to becoming a client is usually done by means of an “offer” of some description – be that a free consultation or a discounted first treatment.



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