Are You Dehydrated? Check These Warning Signs

Drinking plenty of liquid during the day is essential. Ideally, you would drink a lot of water, but other liquids can be good for you too, such as some types of tea. When you’re not drinking enough, your body will probably give you warning signs. However, if you don’t know what signs to look out for, you could miss them and not realize that you’re not drinking enough. But once you know what signs to watch for, you could soon notice that you experience some of the symptoms of dehydration frequently. Here are some of the top things to look out for to make sure you’re drinking enough.


If you’re dehydrated, headaches are a common symptom. Your brain needs water to work property, especially because it’s actually 80% water. When you’re dehydrated, your brain loses water, causing shrinkage and giving you a headache. So if your head hurts, try having a glass of water before you take any painkillers. You could discover that you’re thirsty, and your headache could go away. You often don’t realize how thirsty you are until you have a drink! If drinking more doesn’t help your headache to go away and keeps returning, it might be a good idea to see a doctor and find out if something else might be going on.


Dry Skin, Mouth and Eyes

When you’re not getting enough liquid, you can often feel it. Your skin, mouth and eyes can all start to feel dry. If your lips are dry or your mouth feels like sandpaper, or perhaps your eyes are feeling tired or strained, it could be because you haven’t been hydrating properly. Dry skin occurs without adequate hydration too, and it makes it less elastic – which could lead to wrinkles! While moisturizers or lip balm might help to temporarily relieve dry skin and lips, it’s much better to address the route of the problem instead of covering it up. You might need to start being better at hydrating.

Urinary Infections

If you’re not drinking enough water, it can affect your urinary health. If you notice that your urine is dark in color, this can be a strong indication that you haven’t had enough to drink. Another sign of frequently not drinking enough could be that you often get UTIs like cystitis. When you urinate less frequently, you might be flushing out the toxins and bacteria from your body as well as you should. If you often get cystitis, drinking more and taking supplements like Ural can help to prevent it reoccurring. Stay hydrated to keep your urinary tract and your kidneys functioning properly.

Low Energy

Feeling like you don’t have enough energy could be another sign of being dehydrated. Your body needs water to survive, so it’s easy to feel tired and fatigued if you haven’t had enough of it. Your body can react to dehydration by slowing your blood circulation, which means oxygen and nutrients are delivered around your body slower. Many things can cause tiredness, but drinking more water could be one of the ways you can tackle it. Try to up your intake of water to see if it makes any different to how you feel day to day.


We can often mistake being thirsty for being hungry. If you find that you’re hungry all the time, the problem could actually be that you need a drink. Before you reach for a snack, fill up a glass of water instead. Your stomach can rumble when you’re thirsty, making you think that you need to eat. This happens because your brain might confuse being thirsty with being hungry, so you feel like you need to eat when you just need some water. Consider tracking how much you eat and drink to find out what the real problem is.

Muscle Cramps and Spasms

Dehydration could also cause your muscles to cramp or spasm. This happens because being dehydrated means your body’s sodium levels can drop. It’s particularly common when you’re exercising and sweating a lot. Your muscles end up without the hydration they need because your circulatory system takes priority when you lose water. Not sweating when you exercise is another warning sign that you’re not drinking enough water. It’s vital to stay hydrated when you’re working out, but remember not to drink too fast if you’re doing intense exercise.

If you think you might not be drinking enough, you can try filling a couple of bottles with the amount you want to drink each day. Aim to drink them by the end of the day to make sure you get enough.



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