Upgrading Your Home Before Christmas


Now that November is finally underway and December isn’t too far behind, we can finally start thinking about Christmas and everything we want to do during the festive season. One of the things which a lot of us will be planning to do during the December is host parties and get-togethers for our family and friends, but is the house really ready for this yet?

Here are just some of the things you think about doing during November to make December pass like a breeze!

Paint the walls

The first and most likely the easiest way to change the look and feel of the whole house is to paint the walls a warm and welcoming colour. This could be an orange or yellow tone or perhaps a feature wall of red or purple with white on the other walls. Whichever you decide, a change in colour on your walls as even a refresh of a white you already have can make the room feel fresh and bright ready for Christmas.

Change the sheets

One easy thing you can do in your bedroom to make it instantly feel more festive and fun is to get rid of your sheets and change them to something new. You could go full festive with a Christmas bedding set, or perhaps more understated with a lovely red or green set for the winter. Either way it will breathe some new life into the space and make the bedroom look and feel much more cosy for the colder season.

Build more space

If you have a small home and a big budget to play around with you can go all out this november and look into building on your home for extra hosting space. You can hire a team or do the project yourself and use Freo Group to hire out some equipment for the job. It is a big project, but what better time than just before the festive season kicks in to get it done?

Upgrade the loft

The loft is often a space which houses all of your Christmas decorations throughout the year and nothing else really happens in here. But the loft can be a really amazing addition to your home and you can make it into a real part of the house. A loft conversion can be done where you paint the walls and ceilings white, paint the floor a bright colour and add some fixtures to make it into an ideal office or play area for the family. The loft could even become your new hosting room and it can be ideal to make Christmas extra special.

Clear out the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home and this is where the festive magic will really come into play. Think about clearing out any old out of date foods you have, any old bits and bobs and just make the place look clean and clear ready for Christmas. You’ll likely be spending a lot of time in here so you want to make sure that it all looks the best it can be!

Find comfort in the lounge

The lounge is likely going to be the place everyone walks over to once dinner has been eaten and everyone needs to cope with their food coma. It’ll be the place where you chat, play classic games like charades and generally have a fun time. Think about bringing in some soft plush blankets and some cushions to the sofas and set the mood with a fair light display on the mantelpiece. Your coffee table can be a makeshift buffet spread with mince pies and drinks and mini pigs in blankets for everyone to enjoy after their big meal.

Make the bathroom a sanctuary

The bathroom normally doesn’t get treated the same way as everywhere else in the house but at Christmas when people will be visiting your home you will want to make sure it is spick and span and looking its best. You can start off by bleaching the whole room to make sure it is clean, and then you can add homely touches like plants, candles and scented Reed diffusers for a relaxing vibe. And for a bit of festive fun you can grab a snowman toilet seat cover too!

Rearrange the space

When Christmas time comes there will be a process you go through in the home which will likely involve a lot of moving items around and making room for the tree and various other decorations you have around the home. Make sure you find the best arrangement for when people visit you so that everyone has somewhere to put their drink and somewhere comfortable to sit. The tree will always be centre stage and if you need to, you can always move some things up into the spare room for a month.

Have fun with art

Art can be a great way to add some festive cheer to the home and there is a smart way to make your home feel more like Christmas without actually buying loads of new photo frames to hang around the house. Instead, use an app like FreePrints and order some photos to your home which are the same size and ones you already have around the house. Make sure they are festive photos of the family and you can then simply swap the photos you already have in the house with festive ones instead! Once January rolls around you can swap them back to normal.

Make it feel cosy

Candles, the smell of cookies, blankets…. all of these things make a home feel more cosy and festive and you can enjoy the feel of warmth in the home as you snuggle up in the evenings on the sofa and watch your favourite movies with your family. Think about making the home as cosy as physically possible with lots of little bits and bobs and this will only add to that festive vibe you so need and want throughout December



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