Writing Stuff Down – A Simple Success Hack for You

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I’ve come to realise that the simple things in life can often be the best and that common-sense practices are often the keys to delivery. The behaviours that separate the super successful with the average are really nothing ground breaking and earth shattering, and the difference between what they do and what others do aren’t in the realm of magic pills and potions.

Yet often when I discuss this with my clients, the responses from them are often one of common sense and everybody knows that.

If it is indeed, common sense and common knowledge why then is it so hard to DO.

Because we know if we don’t do, it doesn’t get done.

This best applies in the way we plan and prioritise our lives, whether it’s  daily, weekly or long term.  Everyone knows they should write that stuff down. It’s common knowledge, it’s common sense but it’s not common practice.

Imagine this. When we go shopping for groceries, we will compile a list of what we need. Because if we don’t, we know we will come home with stuff we don’t need and miss stuff that we have run out of. So, we prepare a grocery list.

Imagine a major life event, like a wedding without writing out a plan. It would be mayhem. We would be lucky to have the reception booked, the photographer would turn up at the wrong times, the potential for chaos is huge. We create a detailed plan and we go over it numerous times prior to the day. We don’t want a thing to go wrong.

Yet many don’t do this for our daily, weekly and long term goals. When working with clients I will often get told “the plan is in my head”, or they “keep it front of mind”.

Keeping a plan front of mind is a sure-fire way to fail.

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