We all have our quirks and habits, no one is perfect and each and every one of us have things that we do that perhaps aren’t the best for our health. We all know that partying too hard, eating the wrong things and not getting enough sleep are bad, but there are other habits you might have that you might not have even thought about. Are you guilty of any of these things?

Turn down your headphones

There’s nothing quite like popping your headphones in, putting on your favourite playlist and losing yourself in your own little world. Whether you’re at the gym, cleaning the house or just relaxing at home, music is a great way to pass time or cheer yourself up. But are you guilty of really cranking it up? If so, you could be putting your hearing at risk. Audiologists will be the first to say how headphones are some of the worst offenders when it comes to hearing problems and damage so it’s something to be aware of. Most modern phones will give you a warning when it’s up too high, be sure to pay attention.


Give up your breath mint habit

Breath mints can be really handy when you’re out of the house all day, no one wants coffee breath, the taste from their lunch or just a general feeling of not being fresh when you’re talking face to face with someone. But most breath mints are loaded with sugar, they’re bad for your teeth and the calories can all add up to. Go with a sugar free mint chewing gum instead, or bring a little bottle of mouthwash in your bag that you can rinse with when you’re at work.

Start wearing your glasses

Do you need glasses for general wear, but always find yourself going without them? Squinting at the tv is one thing, driving without them could be illegal and plus you put yourself at risk of eye strain and headaches. If you really can’t get on with your glasses, laser eye surgery is a permanent solution which suits most people, otherwise you could consider contacts that you leave in for a month. If not, getting yourself a new set of frames that you enjoy wearing and look nice could

Get rid of out of date cosmetics

Unlike consumables, there’s no legal requirement to put expiration dates on cosmetics- however, they DO go off. Old makeup and skincare can be a haven for bacteria, and on the skin can cause rashes, irritation and infection. Go through your stash and throw away anything that’s changed in consistency, texture or smells bad. There are guides online to give you an idea of how long different items tend to last, making it easier to work out what’s worth keeping and what’s good for the bin.

These small things might not seem like a huge deal, but your health is important so are all things to be aware of.

What bad habits do you have which could be hurting your health in some way?

Feature Image Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash