Living With A Disability: Essential Tips For A Happy Life

Disabilities can come in many different forms. Some people have to deal with them their entire lives, while others acquire them suddenly after a tragic illness or accident. When it comes to the latter, adjusting to life with a new disability can be a tough transition. After all, people tend to take their health for granted until the moment that it’s gone. That being said, living with a disability doesn’t need to stop you from living a full and happy life. Whether you’re supporting a newly disabled relative or living with a disability yourself, here are seven essential tips to remain happy.

  1. Minimise Your Disability’s Impact

It goes without saying that a disability will change your life in many different ways. Living in denial about this fact isn’t going to help anyone, especially you. There will be lots of limitations that you’ll need to face, all of which will make life more difficult. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t reduce these limitations and the impact that they have on you. By learning more about your disability, you can take advantage of the things that you can do, as well as set realistic goals.  

  1. Seek Out Relatable People

A disability does not make a person. In fact, it has as much to do with your soul and who you are as your eye or hair colour does. This is why you shouldn’t allow it to take control of your entire life. That being said, seeking the support of others living with disabilities can be a great help. These individuals will know and understand your struggles much more than anyone else, making them the perfect people to vent to. They may also have advice of their own on how to stay happy.

  1. Look For A Purpose

Acquiring a sudden disability can take away a number of aspects of your identity. You may not be able to pursue your hobbies anymore or work the same job. This can leave you questioning your purpose and value in the world. To prevent this, you need to find a new meaning. If working is important to you, then speak to disability employment providers about finding a job. You could also try volunteering, developing new favourite hobbies, or adopting a pet to take care of.

Living with a disability


  1. Eat A Healthy Diet

A balanced and nutritious diet is essential for everyone, but, when you’re battling health complications or physical limitations, it’s even more important. Eating the right foods will help to boost your energy, which will not only improve your mood but give you the ability to take part in activities that improve your mood too. Because of this, you should cut back on refined carbs and sugar and eat lots of protein instead. It’s also crucial that you drink plenty of water each day.

Find Ways To Exercise

Exercise is just as important for your mental health as it is for your physical. This is why you should try to get regular exercise in whatever way you can. Of course, when you’re living with a physical disability, you may need to think a little more creatively about the sorts of exercises you can take part in. If mobility is limited, then physical games consoles, like the Wii and Nintendo Switch can be incredibly helpful. Whatever you decide to do, start small and build from there.

Living with a disability


  1. Learn To Accept Help

When most people see someone living with a disability, they will assume that they need help with everything that they do. This can cause some individuals to become lazy, allowing others to do for them what they can actually do for themselves. It’s best to avoid this, or you will start to become frustrated with yourself. That being said, you shouldn’t try to do everything alone either. There’s no shame in asking for and accepting help when you genuinely need it.

  1. Allow Yourself To Feel

Accepting that you have a disability can be incredibly difficult, even if you were born with it. For some people, it can feel like giving up or accepting defeat. Refusing to accept the realities of your disability, however, will keep you from moving forward. Instead of suppressing or ignoring your feelings, you need to start to deal with them. Putting on a happy face may make others feel better about your disability, but, if it makes you feel even worse, then you need to stop.

Living with a disability isn’t easy, but you can live a happy life. Hopefully, the advice above can help with this.

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