We all have desires to lead healthy lifestyles and enjoy the many rewards that come with it. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of allowing simple blunders to stop you from achieving those goals.

Quite frankly, avoiding the negative features is as important as following the positives. Here are some of the features you must steer clear of at all times.

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Cigarettes & Alcohol

Nobody should feel forced to go tee-total. Nonetheless, the immediate and long-term effects of cigarettes and alcohol cannot be ignored. Aside from hangovers making you crave bad foods, excessive alcohol consumption will harm your kidneys and heart. Meanwhile, smoking impacts your lungs, which will also harm your physical performance. When added to the fact that both habits are very expensive, cutting down or stopping altogether is highly advised.

Doing Too Much

While regular exercise is key to unlocking your health goals, you don’t want to cause more damage than good. Doing too much, especially too soon, can cause serious injuries that haunt you or years. Knowing how to avoid injuries is crucial information for the long haul. However, avoiding excessive excursion before you’re body is ready should be top of the agenda. On a similar note, if you’re eager to reduce your calorie count, be sure to avoid starvation.

Wheat & Grains

Lifestyles have evolved far quicker than our bodies. In truth, nobody is truly built for wheat and grains. So, even if you don’t have a gluten intolerance, following a carnivore diet meal plan could be a very useful. Helping your gut to remain healthy will bring benefits in all aspects of your health. And if you’re still missing out on key micronutrients, there are various supplements available on the market. Either way, fuelling your body in the right manner should be considered mandatory.

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Poor Sleep Habits

While there are many steps to consider during the waking hours, it’s what you do in bed that can make the biggest impact. Getting enough sleep improves energy levels, general wellbeing, and mood levels. Aside from the duration, you need to consider the quality of sleep. As such, you should learn to turn off digital screens for at least an hour before bed to avoid the blue light effect. When you reach the REM stage of sleep in a more efficient manner, the rewards are huge.

Punishing Yourself 

Nobody can leave a perfect life. The stress and fast-paced nature of modern life will probably lead you to the odd takeaway or skipped gym session. Don’t beat yourself up about it or dwell on the minor mishap. You cannot change the past, and the key is to bounce back in style. When you realise that healthy living is about sustainability rather than perfection, you should be fine. Besides, being able to enjoy your body and life is the main incentive for making those investments in the first place.

Establishing a winning plan of action is arguably the most important aspect of healthy living. Now that you know how to make it happen, there’s no excuse for failure.


Cover Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash