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When it comes to being healthy, we can fixate on the external issues. Perhaps we need to lose weight, or there is one aspect of our physique that we’d like to change. But when we look at the issue in the round, does fixing external issues make us happier? Is it to do with feeling at peace with how we look, or should we try and make certain alterations so we do feel better in the long run?

Is The Problem Due To Deep Ingrained Memories?

When you think back to times during school, perhaps terrible acne was so much of your childhood, that as soon as you were old enough, you went to the skincare clinic to get these issues fixed. If we have a specific issue with ourselves, we’ve got to go to the root cause, and while something like acne could have made our lives hell in school, is it so much of an issue now? Because we have deep psychological trauma associated with these things, we end up fixating on our appearance for those very reasons. But the person you were then is different from the person you are now. As such, is it all about making these superficial changes right now because it makes you feel better or should you dig deep and find the root cause?

Can We Learn To Feel Happier With How We Look?

We all suffer feelings of anxiety, and when we feel that there are things about this that we would like to change externally, once we get one thing fixed, we may start to fixate on something else, and keep changing all of these little things until we completely alter our appearance. Can we learn to feel happy with how we look without making considerable changes? Partly, we have to learn the fine art of looking after ourselves, but it’s also about feeling happier with how we look. And this isn’t a quick fix. We have to learn that it’s something that can take a long time, but there are also lessons that we can start to learn right away. Learning self-care, minimising negativity, and working from the inside out are three things that can start you on the road to feeling happier with how you look.

Does Fixing The External Issues Make Us Happier In The Long Run?

When we start to make specific fixes from the inside out, these are what will encourage long-term self-fulfilment. As we start to improve our lives in other ways, we may realise that the little problem we had with our teeth or our face is not so important. It’s about the art of self-acceptance, but if we can’t get to that point right away, we have to learn that making a decision to love ourselves, no matter what, means that we become more empowered. Some people feel that if they are to fix one little issue this can minimise feelings of negativity. Sometimes it does. But if it doesn’t, then you’ll have to find the root cause.