From Head To Toes: Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Winter is that time of year where we just don’t feel ourselves. Sure we love the chance to embrace the winter cosy knits and skinny jeans, wearing boots, coats and hats and scarves. But winter can also have a negative effect on how we feel in our bodies and also our mindset. It can be one of those times of year where we still want to take care of ourselves, but the motivation might not be there. 

Many women can have hang ups with their body and how their face looks. It’s only natural for us to feel disheartened if we don’t look the way we think we should. But, the truth is, we are all unique. We should embrace what we have and be proud of our bodies. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with negative towards our bodies and faces. With that in mind, here are some tips and tricks to become more comfortable with your body and face.

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Consider an overhaul of your lifestyle

For many of us, simple changes to our lifestyle can be all it takes to improve our general look. This is because you start to focus on things like your diet, your exercise and how you live your life. Many people will agree that if you fuel your body with the right food. If you are more active, and you become comfortable and have belief in yourself, then you can achieve great things. Overhauling your life could be all you need to do. Take a look at the things you eat and try and have a more healthy balanced diet. You don’t need to go into anything too extreme as this can be just as bad for you. At this time of year, it can be hard to eat salads and remain too healthy.But hearty stews and casseroles filled with vegetables can be just as healthy and equally satisfying to eat. 

Also consider how active you are and look at different ways you can change it. This might mean walking somewhere instead of taking transport. The weather may be a huge thing that puts you off getting outside walking or taking up something like running, but the fresh air can work wonders for your general mental wellbeing as well as your fitness. However, there are plenty of workouts you can do at home that can help you to look and feel your best. 

Last of all, when it comes to your lifestyle your mindset can also be a big indicator with how you feel on the inside. It can be difficult, but try and not focus on the things you aren’t happy with, instead try and focus on the things you are most grateful for. If you are struggling with your mindset, which at this time of year is a big possibility, then take some time out to work on some self care and your thought process. You might want to try and actively change your thoughts from negative to positive and improve your outlook on life by focusing on the good stuff. 

Look at your skin and see where you can improve

Another thing you can do is to consider how your skin looks. Many people are bothered by spots or skin tone. This is where looking at your skincare routine and changing a few things could help improve how your skin looks. You may also find that increasing vegetables and fruits in your diet could also have a positive effect. Which is something we have already mentioned earlier. If you want to overhaul your skincare then it isn’t just the face you need to consider. At this time of year especially your skin can dry out, so using things like e45 cream on your body and really moisturising your skin on your face can be a huge help to enable you to get that winter glow without your skin suffering from the weather. 

A new cleanser can do a world of good

Sometimes continually using the same product can have an opposite effect. Your skin can become used to its properties means it won’t provide you with the same results after a lot of time. Of course, it’s always good to remain loyal to a brand and it may be worth heading down to one of the counters and asking for a new one. Or use it as an opportunity to try something new. A fresh facial wash is great in a morning. Where as a cleanser applied directly to your skin and removed with cotton wool is a great alternative for an evening. 

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Considering anti-aging products at any age

Decent anti-aging products shouldn’t be ignored if you are under 40. Or even under 30 for that matter. It’s always good to be prepared and take care of your skin. Besides the more preventative measures you take on wrinkles, the better your skin will look in the future. A great way to use this kind of product would be a facial oil which could be applied after you have cleansed. The earlier you start when it comes to using anti-aging products, the better you will feel when it comes to things like wrinkles and other aging concerns you may have had with your skin. There are some great ones available that you can get. 

A good night moisturiser will be your best friend

Taking care of your skin at night is just as important as the morning. In fact, it’s worth having a slightly different routine at night. You could use a heavier moisturiser in an evening as going to bed allows your skin to soak in all the good stuff. It will also leave your skin looking healthy for the morning ahead. This is where a night cream would be perfect over using your day one. A night cream is always a heavier consistency and has different properties that will work well with your skin overnight.

Consider more permanent improvements

Another thing you could consider would be something a little more permanent. If you aren’t happy with how your face looks or your body, then you could consider cosmetic surgery to put things right. Many people go down this route if they find that other, more natural ways, won’t be able to help. The new year is the ideal time to set yourself a new resolution of ticking this off your bucket list if you are hoping to make some changes like this. However, always make sure that you are fully informed of the procedures, the risks, and also the changes and recovery to ensure you are happy with making the changes. 

Style your clothing to suit your body shape

Styling your clothes to match your body shape and look can make a real transformation. Certain looks and styles work well with different body shapes. Do some internet research and watch some tutorials and find a look that works for you. This is when simple changes such as the right cut of jeans and trousers, or wearing a colour that suits your skin tone, can help to increase your confidence as you start to look and feel better in the clothes that you are wearing. 

A capsule wardrobe can make a big difference

When it comes to clothes, you may want to start thinking about a capsule wardrobe. Not everyone has the natural ability to put outfits together, especially when they have a huge amount to choose from. A capsule wardrobe for specific things such as work or going out, can help you to mix and match items together. Invest in key pieces and look at mixing them with some high street finds and mixing the trends with classical pieces. You can also look at different colours and materials to help bring things together. Less is more. So the less choice you have the more creative you are likely to be. 

Drink more water

A natural way to improve your skin tone and complexion and help you feel better is to increase your water intake. Drinking more water can have a great effect on your skin. It can plump up your skin, keeping it light and dewy. It is the most natural skincare product you can use. It also has many other health benefits to so it is a win win situation. You will see a difference in your energy levels, and things like the quality of sleep you get will improve. If you struggle with things such as drinking more water then keeping a bottle of water close by can help to remind you. 

Remember sometimes it is just the simplest of routines and changes that can make the difference. It can be hard to make changes with your skin and general body confidence, because you are more tempted to hide away. But the changes can help to improve how you feel and look moving forward, meaning you will be ready for spring and summer when it comes back around. This is when you will spot some positive changes and improvements.




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