Age Like A Fine Wine With This Future Wellbeing Advice

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The second part of your life is as rewarding as the first – you need to get into the right mindset. Part of staying mentally healthy is taking care of your physical fitness. As you get older, your body and metabolism aren’t as efficient as there were in your twenties. Still, this doesn’t mean you have to accept weight gain as inevitable. If you are proactive – emphasis on the active – then thirty or forty truly can be the new twenty.

Here are the top tips that you should keep in mind if you want to age like a fine wine.

Find Easy Ways To Workout

Running half marathons and a daily 10k isn’t out of the question, but they aren’t always suitable either. Unfortunately, ageing means exercise is as vital as ever; however, you feel as if you can’t be bothered. The key is to find easy ways to get your daily amount in so that your body ticks over. Walking is an excellent option as it’s low-intensity and burns fat. Or you can boost your sex life with a sex therapist. Let’s face it – there aren’t many hacks that are as enjoyable as the last option!

Add Fibre

Fibre is a fantastic way to kerb your appetite. Considering your metabolism is less efficient, but you still eat the same amount, it’s a smart move. Of course, resisting temptation isn’t straightforward unless you have a strong mental disposition, which is where fibre comes in handy. Eating more of it will fill your stomach for longer and prevent the need to snack. Plus, it’s in various foods, and they’re not all unappetising. Try a chili or a lean piece of meat (chicken/turkey/fish) with leafy greens and a zingy dressing. Fibre and ‘rabbit food’ aren’t synonymous!

Stay Social

Older adults tend to be less social because the idea of a quiet night is preferable to going out to a loud bar. And, while there’s nothing wrong with a takeaway and a bottle of wine on the sofa, it shouldn’t be your go-to disposition. Isolating yourself from friends and family means your less connected, and studies show that loneliness is a factor in the ageing process. For example, swelling, lines and wrinkles. Going out for dinner or a drink, it turns out, is healthy, which is all the excuse you need to get ready and head into town! If you don’t want to drink, you should try ways to socialise without alcohol, like going to dinner.

Stick To A Sleep Routine

The above isn’t possible without a good night’s sleep. From exercising to eating healthily and having the energy to meet friends; it all stems from seven to nine hours every night. Sadly, sleeping soundly is tougher you older you get, which is why a routine might be necessary. Avoiding caffeine before bed and getting tucked in at the same time every evening should be enough to ensure you don’t get tired and suffer from fatigue.

Changing your habits as you age isn’t a bad sign. The second part of your life is a phase to enjoy, and you can with this advice.



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