When you think about your mental and physical health, your home is the last thing that springs to mind. Okay, everybody understands the need to relax, and there’s no better place to take the edge off than in the living room or bedroom. Still, the main tools at your disposal are eating a balanced diet and regular exercise. 

Your house is a bonus. At least, that’s what you may think. In reality, renovating and decorating are powerful tactics for enhancing your overall wellbeing. If it sounds far fetched and too good to believe, you should carry on reading.

These are the surprising ways home decor is good for the soul.

Cosy Environment

First and foremost, tweaking your interiors will improve the homely nature of your home. Rather than being cold and bare, the decor will be warm, light, and welcoming. As a result, it’s easier to relax and wind down at the end of a long day, which is essential. Stress is one of the most prominent health problems in the world, and it can occur out of nowhere. One in eight people in Australia currently suffers high amounts of mental distress because they can’t de-stress. To stop yourself from falling into this category, you can change the colour scheme or switch up textures.

Shiny Surfaces

As vain as it sounds, mirrors and glass are self-esteem boosters. Looking in them and enjoying the reflection that’s staring back will reaffirm that you’re a beautiful person, on the outside and the inside. Of course, the flip side is that you don’t like your reflection. Still, mirrored surfaces, useful for making spaces appear more prominent, are effective at highlighting the features you dislike. Seeing your reflection is all you need to invest in dental implants or braces that will revolutionise your smile. Once you’re happy with it, your confidence will skyrocket!

Cleaner Surroundings

Unfortunately, mould is an issue in many homes. It’s not only a problem from an aesthetic perspective – it’s terrible for your health. The spores of bacteria floating in the air can quickly enter your bloodstream and cause respiratory side-effects. It’s common for property owners with mould to have a cough or suffer from chest infections. Thankfully, renovating encourages you to clean your interiors thoroughly because you don’t want your new appliances to break down. At the least, you’ll rip out the infected areas and replace them with mould-free materials.

Cognitive Ability

Negating the effects of brain diseases is imperative if you plan on living a long and fulfilling life. Sadly, dementia and Alzheimer’s are illnesses that take away your ability to think clearly. While your home won’t increase the odds of contracting these diseases, an interior design project will reduce them. Why? It’s because the process is packed with opportunities to think critically and keep the brain ticking over. You’re in trouble when the mind isn’t working and flexing its muscles. The good news is that a spot of DIY will get the cogs turning without you realising.

Are you a fan of interior design? How does it help you?

Cover Image Pexels - CC0 Licence