Care and residential homes have an important function and can be somewhere safe for older people to receive the care they need. But when you think of a care home, it’s easy to think of dated, plain facilities that are uninspiring to residents and visitors. Can more be done to add a homely touch? Of course, there can! Some fresh decor and new activities can help brighten a care home and give it a new lease of life, helping to boost residents’ moods too.

Here are some suggestions for making care homes feel more homely.

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

Give the decor a refresh

Decor trends come and go, and things that were once fresh and bright can now appear dull and stale. If things are looking a bit dated in your care home, a refresh could be what’s needed to make it feel new again. Consulting aged-care builders can make sure the facility is suitably equipped for aged care, while also bringing in a more modern look and feel. Even changing paint colours and textiles can give a room a lift, transforming it into a more homely and welcoming space.

Get the residents involved

Getting residents involved in decorating can be a lot of fun, while making sure they’re happy with any changes. Many care homes allow residents to decorate their rooms within reason, which can give them the opportunity to make a care home room feel more like home. From adding photographs to choosing their own bedding and other details, residents could benefit greatly from adding their own stamp to their personal space. 

Plan new and exciting activities

Care home residents have different needs, with different levels of mobility, energy and other factors to consider when it comes to planning activities. It’s also difficult to come up with new and exciting ideas to keep everyone entertained. Some new ideas you might want to think about include:

  • Yoga for the elderly – instructors with the right training will be aware of how to adjust routines for different physical conditions to help everyone join in where possible.
  • Bring in young children – there have been some studies around intergenerational care which show both children and older people benefit from interacting and taking part in different activities. It’s a big mood-booster in a care home, as is bringing in animals too.
  • Bake-off challenges can get the competitive juices flowing as well as allow residents to flex their baking skills. 

There are various ideas you can try to get your residents to interact with each other and make the days more entertaining. Think outside the box and ask for suggestions – you could have an entirely new activities programme in a matter of hours!

Many people can feel stress or anxiety about being in a care home, but friendlier surroundings can help. Focus on improving facilities and finding ways to make people smile for happier, healthier residents who love their new home.

Cover Photo by Andre Gorham II on Unsplash