New report investigates how workplace design will change due to COVID-19

As employees begin to consider returning to offices after months spent working remotely, the question of how our workplaces will evolve to accommodate new working environments and what this looks like is top of mind. Key insights from international engineering, design and advisory company Aurecon’s ‘Workplace of the future: smart, sustainable and safe’ report include original survey data that found:

  • Almost 80% of staff surveyed indicated they would like to continue working from home at least some of the time
  • Yet 67% missed working from the office, in particular the social interaction and brainstorming ideas, indicating an appetite and need for offices to continue in some capacity
  • Gen Z (those aged 25 years and under) felt they were less productive working from home

The report outlines the emergence of work/home hubs and potential for existing apartment and commercial buildings to reconfigure as a hybrid office/home environment. The use of various smart health-tech systems are also outlined including use of contactless, voice activated or facial recognition, temperature-monitored entry and exits, socially-distanced escalators in place of lifts and digital desk wayfinding.

Read more and access the full report here.