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There are things we are all afraid of, and to be honest, that can be a good thing. We are sometimes afraid of those things that can be harmful to our health, such as those activities or scenarios that can pose a risk to our lives.

However, fear isn’t always a good thing.

If we live in constant fear, there are implications for our health. Fear leads to anxiety and anxiety can lead to health complications, and so we can suffer if we are forever afraid. 

Then there are those specific fears that can also prove problematic to our health and wellbeing. Many of us experience them, but it’s in our best interests to overcome them.

These fears include:

#1: Latrophobia: The fear of doctors

People fear a visit to the doctors for all kinds of reasons. They might be worried about surgical appointments they may be advised to attend. Or it could be a fear of injections. Or it could be the stress of the waiting room and being surrounded by lots of ‘sick’ people. You know you have Latrophobia if you are constantly canceling your appointments or trying to self-treat any health problems you may be suffering from.

As with any fear, overcoming it is possible. You could take somebody with you to your appointments, seek counseling to overcome your panic attacks, and follow any of these suggestions. It’s in your best interest to do so, as your health may suffer if you don’t allow yourself a medical diagnosis.

#2: Dentophobia: The fear of dentists

This fear is similar to the above and is perhaps more common. After all, few of us welcome the prospect of an afternoon sitting in a chair while a dentist prods around inside our mouths. However, dental appointments are a must, as not only can a dentist spot signs of tooth decay, but they can also spot signs of other health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease.

So, don’t put off your 6-monthly dental appointments as they might just preserve your life as well as your teeth! Follow the suggestions we linked you to previously for help in getting over this fear, and look for a dentist akin to Super Smile that has put steps in place to make your visit to the dentist a more pleasurable one. 

#3: Neophobia: The fear of doing something new

Are you forever bound to your comfort zones? If so, you might be missing out on a lot in your life, be that meeting new people, trying new activities, and gaining employment in a more fruitful career. Taking that step to do something new can be difficult but the rewards are often many. 

Of course, you might question the need to step out of your comfort zone. Well, you don’t always have to, but if your mental health is suffering as a consequence, you should make the effort. Remaining in a job you hate could cause you to experience depression, for example, and if boredom sets in because of a routine you are in, you might also start to feel low within yourself. 

Check out this article for advice on overcoming this fear, and dare to take those steps that could improve your life and overall wellbeing. 

Have you related to any of these fears? If so, follow our suggestions, and seek professional counseling support if you need to, for the sake of your long-term health.