5 Tips for Building a Garden Getaway

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Traveling abroad might be off the cards this year but you can certainly enjoy the ultimate staycation. No matter what size your property is, a garden room gives you extra functionality and can even add value to your home. To start creating your dream retreat, take a look at these five tips for building a garden getaway:

  1. Compare Room Sizes

When you’re designing a garden room, be sure to pay attention to the interior room size, as well as the structure specifications. Depending on the materials you’re using, the interior of your garden getaway could be quite a bit smaller than the overall size of the building. By comparing the internal room size with a room in your house, for example, you’ll get a clear idea of how much space you’ll have. This gives you the opportunity to scale up your designs if you want to increase the size of your garden getaway. 

  1. Think About Functionality

Before you finalize your plans, decide how you’re going to use your new garden room. If you want to create a relaxing home spa or a high-end home gym, for example, you’re going to need power for electronics and Davey pumps for water management. For home offices, electrical power is also essential, and you’ll want to ensure you’ll have good internet access too. How you plan to use your garden retreat should have a major impact on its design, but a multi-purpose space will give you the versatility and features you need to use your garden getaway in numerous ways. 

  1. Plan Temperature Control

Without adequate temperature control, garden rooms can become too hot and humid in the Summer and too cold or damp in the Winter. Due to this, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got appropriate heating and air conditioning systems installed. Whether you opt for portable appliances or fully integrated HVAC systems, maintaining a comfortable temperature will enhance your enjoyment of your garden getaway and protect the structure itself. 

  1. Install Foundations

Unlike sheds, garden rooms shouldn’t sit atop the land. Instead, you’ll want to ensure the structure has strong foundations. While you won’t necessarily need a full basement foundation, a crawlspace or pier foundations are a viable option for larger garden rooms. Alternatively, concrete slab foundations are a cost-effective and efficient way to ensure your garden getaway has the structural support it needs. 

  1. Get Professional Advice

Although you can design and build your own garden room or purchase a flat-pack design that you assemble, it’s well worth getting professional advice before you get started. The location of your property, as well as the size and condition of your garden, will determine what materials should be used. By talking to an expert, you can ensure that your new garden getaway accurately reflects your designs and stands the test of time. 

Get Ready for Summer

Building a garden getaway doesn’t necessarily take a lot of time. In fact, some garden rooms can be constructed in a matter of days. By getting your plans underway now, you can fast-track your project and be enjoying your ultimate garden getaway before Summer arrives!



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