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Something that we all look at and use on a daily basis, but don’t necessarily consider a major marker of our overall health, is our hands. While you may have problems with your skin, and focus on issues such as acne, if you have problems with your hands, or they don’t look very healthy, what can you do to look after them more?

Use Fewer Chemicals in Your Everyday Life

Do you use a lot of chemicals, especially when cleaning your home? The reality is that if you are exposing your hands to chemicals on a daily basis, you should invest in products that are less likely to irritate you. When you think about the hand wash you use on a daily basis, is your preferred brand housing a lot of chemicals that are natural irritants to your skin? These days, there are more environmentally-friendly hand washers without nasty chemicals. For example, Tirtyl provides eco-friendly hand soap without chemicals. When you are working with chemicals, make sure that you are wearing gloves. It’s important to remember that anything could puncture your skin, meaning that any form of irritant could get under it.

Your Hand Cream Is Your Friend

If you are not using hand cream, it has to be a priority from here on out. Brands like O’Keeffe’s are very popular as they are notoriously hard-working. Get into the habit of applying your hand cream just before you go to sleep. In addition, sleep wearing cotton gloves, as this will be the best time for your hands to benefit. Get into the habit of keeping your hand cream on your nightstand. And while we are currently all furiously washing our hands, we need to make sure that we’re not washing our hands with water that is too hot. Make sure the water is warm, but not too warm, as the temperature could remove the skin of healthy oils.

Do Not Neglect Hand Strength 

Something else that you might not really consider because you use your hands every day, but increasing your hand strength is the perfect way to get the blood flowing to this organ. If you find yourself with cold hands and feet, it is a good idea to get into the habit of strengthening your hands and doing certain hand and finger exercises. This can be very beneficial if you sit at a computer all day. You can improve the range of motion, and decrease hand pain by using a number of exercises.

Our hands are one of the quickest ways to show our true age. How they look and feel is so important. They are constantly exposed to harsh chemicals, the sun, and dirt, so we need to make sure we are looking after them properly. If you get into these three simple habits, you should see a massive difference in the quality of your hands. We use our hands every single day, so we need to start treating them as important as we would our overall health. Look after your hands, and they will look after you.