Working from home has many benefits, including the opportunity to work to your own schedule. But without a boss or a work colleague to remind you to take a break, it might be that you work for longer than you should. This will be especially true if you have deadlines to meet or if you are trying to get through your workload before a certain time of day.

But here’s the thing. It is important to take a break every now and again, for all kinds of reasons. We have included some below, so have a read, and then be sure to block out time for regular breaks within your working day. 

#1: You will become more productive

As the day goes on, you will start to get more tired if you’re constantly working. Your fingers might get tired after too many presses on your computer keyboard, and your eyes might start to lose focus after staring at your computer screen. Your mind will get tired too, especially when you are overloading it with information, and so you might lose the ability to think clearly. When your body and mind become tired in such ways, you will become less productive. So, take a break occasionally, go for a walk or sit down with a cup of tea, and refresh both your body and mind. You will work more productively after doing so.

#2: You will protect your health

As we have discussed before on this site, working from home can be bad for your health. You can develop back and shoulder problems after sitting for too long, and weight gain is another common issue if you’re in one position for much of the day. Your eyesight can also be affected if your eyes are forever staring at a screen, and you could experience stress when you start to overwork yourself. 

Another common problem for home workers is carpal tunnel syndrome. This often occurs when the person is engaged in repetitive hand movements, such as when they’re typing on the computer. Many people have to see a hand surgeon for this ailment and if you have experienced pain and weakness in your hand and arms, you might need to book an appointment too. 

So, for the protection of your health, get out of your seat regularly. Engage in some kind of exercise to flex your body and do something that relaxes you to protect your mental health. 

#3: You will feel more motivated

t can be easy to lose motivation when working for a long period of time. This can sometimes be caused by tiredness, but if the work is mundane, it can also be through boredom. You might be tempted to rush through your work when you start to get demotivated and this will be no good at all if your clients take offence at what you have produced. But by taking breaks, you have the opportunity to escape this problem. You will have the opportunity to energise your body and mind, and you will have the option to do something that offers light relief from your workload. Consequently, you should then have more motivation to work diligently on your projects.

These are just three reasons to take regular breaks, so if you’re working from home, be sure to schedule time for rest and exercise each day. You will better care for both your health and your work needs if you do.