How Can You Bring More Light Into Your Home?

A dark home will often feel a little miserable. It might feel kind of cozy during the winter, but there’s also a danger that the lack of light will really get you down. You can’t control what the light is doing outside, but you can make some changes to make your home lighter inside. Whether you’re bringing more natural light into your home or boosting your lighting by changing things around, you can make everything a little lighter. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at these ideas for bringing more light into your home, both natural and artificial.

Install New Windows

It might not be the easiest option available, but if you want to get more natural light into your home, new windows are one of the best ways to do it. You could replace your existing windows with larger ones or put in new windows where you have space. Skylights can be an excellent choice if there’s somewhere logical to put them. Another option to consider is installing glazed doors. Swap out your external doors for French doors, bifold doors or another option that will allow you to open out your indoor space to your outdoor space.

Light in Home

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Decorate with Lighter Colors

For a slightly easier option than installing new windows, you might want to consider redecorating. If your home is decorated with dark colors, it can make everything look darker than it should be. Lighter colors will make your home look lighter, even if you don’t actually have more light. The lighter colors will reflect the light that is there, making your home look not just lighter but also bigger. This is a trick that you’ll see in a lot of Scandinavian homes, which helps to make them look brighter during the long and dark winters.

Change Your Lighting Fixtures

If you don’t have a way to get more natural light into your home, you can consider how to boost your artificial lighting. Spotlights can be a good option if you want more coverage of light in your home. They come in a range of warmths and colors, so they don’t have to be super harsh or too bright. Get an electrician to install new lights for you, whether you choose spotlights or you want to install some other lights. You can have overhead lights and wall lights, and there are other places to consider installing new fixtures too.


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Get More Lamps

As well as permanent lighting fixtures, you can try using lamps to add more light to your home. Lamps can be excellent for lighting up different parts of a room, and they give you a lot of control over just how much light you have. You can use them to light up a whole room or just switch on a light in one corner to give you some more intimate lighting (and save energy too).

Get more light into your home by bringing in more natural light or brightening your lighting for a more vibrant home.


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