My Relationship with Me.

Image by GeorgieHeartMedia

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. When you love yourself and feel good about yourself everything else falls into place!  Sometimes you have to let go of what’s gone; appreciate what still remains; look forward to what’s coming next.  Doing this may seem scary at first, and you may feel unsure and a bit vulnerable.

Emotions will rise up from our core self. Where we are both most vulnerable and powerful. Being vulnerable helps us move away from our ego and can reveal to us who we really are. When that happens, we are empowered to be our true selves.  Living from this core place brings authenticity.


When you’re in the process of healing and letting go of old patterns and habits that don’t serve you well, it’s easy to forget what an amazing gift life really is. Our lives are just a cosmic blink in the bigger scheme of things. Yet occasionally we get to experience the wonders of existence like watching the sunrise over the river, or at the beach on an early morning walk.  I love that magical time of day when the night is fading and the new day is just beginning. I always feel uplifted by the potential and possibilities of the day ahead when I have an early morning walk. I call this part of my day “My Hour Of Power”.

A wise friend once told me “Each morning we’re given the opportunity to start fresh. What you do with that opportunity each day is what matters.”

Hour of Power

Part of my “Hour Of Power” involves light exercise; part of it involves listening to motivational speakers on my iPod whilst walking. I find this opens up my mind and inspires me. By this stage of my “Hour Of Power” I have usually reached the top of the hill and stop for a moment and watch the glistening sunrise over the river. I find this moment lifts my spirits and gives me the inspiration to imagine myself doing great things. On the way back down the hill I begin thinking of everything I’m grateful for. My beautiful body that is my vessel in this life, my health, life, family and friends, career, my home. After that, I visualise how I would like my day to go. I imagine myself dressed and looking great, I visualise a smooth drive to work, the perfect parking spot, my meeting with the boss being a success.

If you do this on a regular basis you will find that after a few days things will begin to shift for you. Stop worrying about past failures that may have stopped you. Creating a positive way to begin your day can start from NOW.  It helps you do what makes you happy. The challenges we’ve faced in our lives are what makes our life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. So hold tight to your dreams. Live your life with passion. Each new day gives you the chance to embrace new opportunities. It is so important to remember by being grateful we make sense of our past, bring peace for today & creates vision for tomorrow.


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams & live the life you’ve imagined. Whatever you do make sure it makes you happy. Every accomplishment begins with your willingness to be the best you can be. Today, you can be a person of action ready to create a new future by creating a new you. No longer dwelling in the past or moaning over lost opportunities. You can do nothing about the past. Your future is now! It is time to grasp it with both hands and take action!

So go ahead and make time to have a moment to yourself. Develop your relationship with you. Feel the beauty of nature fill your soul with nourishment and give yourself a massive hug because you deserve it.