Two Warm Days – Spring in Melbourne

Two Warm Days - Spring in Melbourne

Two Warm Days

Two warm days

Last week in Melbourne the weather turned Spring like … For two days.

Melbourne is like that, we hit the start of September, the weather looks better and we start to celebrate.

On the next day though, I looked out of my window at rain, wind and grey clouds and felt a little let down.

Then I noticed that after just two days of warmth, the trees had started to shoot out their leaves and flower buds were easily seen on the gorgeous wisteria next door.

It got me thinking about how quickly things can change. A couple of good days, kind words, successful actions and we’re on our way. Nature takes its course.

It’s not always so easy, but I always find that giving myself some time to get back to basics and focus on actions that I have taken before, will work.

I also love the changes of season, ends of financial years and the end of each calendar year. They give me natural points during the year to review where I am, how I have gone and what I need to keep in focus.

Spring Clean

So it’s spring. What a wonderful season for a “spring clean” of your life, your habits and to reset your focus for the rest of the year.

I encourage you to consider where you are, what you are doing and what you want to achieve. It may not be easy. If you are doing this for the first time, you will,probably find yourself saying, well I don’t want (insert your top dislike – job, relationship, house, neighbourhood, etc).

That’s ok but the magic comes when you can leave all those “don’t wants” behind and focus on what you DO want and get specific about it. For example:

“I want to exercise 5 times a week you be ready to run a 10 km race in October”. This works much better than just saying I want to get fit.

One trick I found worked was to think of a person I admire and drill into why. Then I would ask myself if the reason I admired that person was something I wanted for myself. And finally I would remind myself that I deserve and am capable of creating all good things for me.

This helped me get past the limiting beliefs I have and focus on the life truly want to create.

Let your mind run free. You can do it.



Joss Honour
Joss Honour
Joss is a reformed corporate foot soldier with a new passion for life and the possibilities it holds for every single person in the world if we simply say "yes". Since 2011 she has been focused on achieving a happier life through better emotional, physical and spiritual health. Joss understands through personal experience the obstacles we put in our own way due to the fears we have of failure, success and the imaginary thoughts of others. Her focus on these aspects of her own life has resulted in a desire to help others make small daily changes to their lives to achieve their own personalised goals. As part of Joss’s journey, she has become aware of the extreme amount of chemicals in not only food but also our daily personal care products. In order to educate others to live healthier lives with less chemicals, she created Vita Organica Pty Ltd, an online retailer, which provides easy access to a carefully selected range of natural and organic baby, pet, skincare and other personal products. But to be totally honest, her greatest achievement to date has been to be a mother to her son, Oscar – a loving young man who makes her deeply proud every day.


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