The Mishap Becomes the PathThe mishaps become the path

Last week I was in New Zealand. In addition to pursuing my personal development journey and seeking to promote the benefits or organic products, I work for a NZ organisation. We were there to be part of the launch of a new service suite.

I love visiting NZ. It is a country of beautiful scenery and a wonderful life style. The people are relaxed, warm and their can-do attitude is amazingly refreshing.

At our dinner on the second night, I was seated next to softly spoken colleague who is probably in his late 20s. At great personal risk, he opened up about his relationship and its challenges.

We talked about what’s important in choosing a life partner. I said that for me, there are three essentials. 1. You must feel safe with your partner. 2. You must feel respected and respect him/her. 3. Together you must expand each other’s worlds.

I use the word “must” deliberately. For me, these are now non-negotiable having held on too long in a destructive relationship.

The conversation with my colleague triggered many thoughts and feelings. I know that had I not gone through what I have, I would not have had that wisdom to share with him. I was grateful to be able to encourage him to believe he is worthy and deserves love, happiness and success. I am even more grateful to him for helping me see again that I have something to offer.

This morning I started reading an article by Norman Fischer covering six Buddhist principles for transforming life’s difficulties into awakening. Number one is “Turn all mishaps into the path”.

Lately, my mishaps had started getting the better of me again. I had withdrawn from several activities I once loved like writing for ABTM and the fabulous Tony and Sharon Curl. Withdrawal has always been my default reaction when life got tough. Fortunately it is less comfortable as a strategy because of the growing I have done in the last 5 years – almost all of which is due to my mishaps.

So today, I encourage you to own your mishaps. Embrace them and be grateful for them. In doing so they become bricks in your path to a better future and you never know when they will be there to help someone else!



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Joss Honour
Joss is a reformed corporate foot soldier with a new passion for life and the possibilities it holds for every single person in the world if we simply say "yes". Since 2011 she has been focused on achieving a happier life through better emotional, physical and spiritual health. Joss understands through personal experience the obstacles we put in our own way due to the fears we have of failure, success and the imaginary thoughts of others. Her focus on these aspects of her own life has resulted in a desire to help others make small daily changes to their lives to achieve their own personalised goals. As part of Joss’s journey, she has become aware of the extreme amount of chemicals in not only food but also our daily personal care products. In order to educate others to live healthier lives with less chemicals, she created Vita Organica Pty Ltd, an online retailer, which provides easy access to a carefully selected range of natural and organic baby, pet, skincare and other personal products. But to be totally honest, her greatest achievement to date has been to be a mother to her son, Oscar – a loving young man who makes her deeply proud every day.