It is our pleasure to welcome you to a new category, Journeys. Journeys is a special place on the web where you can share your journey with our readers. Our platform has been revamped and redeveloped as we rebranded as Towards a Better You. Our focus is on building exceptional value for our readers and followers from committed contributors and writers as we help you be Happier, Healthier and Better.

Journey is your opportunity to join the team and share your journey. You may want to do this to help you remain accountable, to share valuable stuff you have learnt, or it could be something that shares an actual journey of travel. Its open to you.

It’s flexible enough to accept single postings, or if you want to document a changing life experience, your progress towards a goal, a weight loss journey or any other transformational experience, you will get your own blog category and profile.

We already have a couple of life-changers lined up and ready to go. Look out for the Journeys link in our main menu. THis promises to be something special.

If you want to share your journey, contact us today.


Tegan Mierle