The Soundtrack of my Life Part 3

It’s high school and it’s in Brisbane. I am not ashamed to say that I cried on my first day at Corinda High. Not knowing a soul, a new boy in town and not wanting to be a Brisso. (A Brisso was a surfer that come to the coast on the weekend. They usually weren’t very good, and they brought crowds.) It was just not a good place to be in my mind.

We moved to our first ever brick home on one of the busiest roads and just six months later moved to the family home in Chelmer. My eldest brother had moved to join the airforce and the weekly calls home became a family event. At that time in my life, M had released Pop Musik, threatening another style of music on the world. It stuck in my head and the memories of that small brick home and waiting to talk to my eldest brother comes to mind whenever this song plays.

We moved into our home at Chelmer, big back yard, close to the footy field, and a bedroom each. This was luxury for us. The next door neighbour wasn’t a fan of our music, and we always let him have it when we got home from school. It was not a surprise that we never got our footy or cricket balls that landed over the fence. It wasn’t the best neighbourly relationship, but we were just teenage boys. A favourite trick was to load up both my stereo and my brothers stereo and give him a double blast of AC/DC Hells Bells. It was loud and it was fun.

During Grade 9 I discovered KISS.  Hanging out behind the Science block with Jarain, Simon, and the Douglases. We would bring our cassette players (doesn’t that now sound old) and listen to KISS cassettes. It was a great time with the only concern really was to make sure we didn’t lose our cassette players.

My favorite song at the time was “Tomorrow and Tonight” off Love Gun. We can rock all day, we can roll all night. Great song, great times, great memories.

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Tony Curl
Tony Curl
Tony has been a successful corporate leader for 30 years. He now works alongside leaders around the world, and at home in Australia, to maintain clarity on their vision and purpose, and helps map their way around their roadblocks and obstacles. Tony helps people take the steps in their lives to become an influential leader. The leaders Tony helps aspire to greatness, so if you are aspiring to greatness take steps today. Unless you take action on your goals, they remain a dream. Tony is a published writer and his work is featured at his own Coach "Curl" blog as well as other sites around the globe. Tony is the owner and founder of Think and Grow Business and coaches and trains effective leadership skills and capabilities and develops better leaders, who then build better and stronger business. His passion lies in helping people discover their greatness by raising their leadership ability. Yes, everyone can be a leader and everyone should see themselves as a leader. Be the inspiration for someone today and let your journey inspire you. He has a growing following on his Social Media channels and has been published on a variety of sites around the globe. His words get quoted and shared daily by that growing tribe. He shares under the hashtags #dailyfuel #breaktheshackles. He recently released his first book "Seriously Simple Stuff to Get You Unstuck". Available at


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