I asked this question of Facebook recently and the post is embedded above so you can see if other responses have been added. We got some great responses that should add value to you and your quest for greatness.

Tony – Other than consistency, what are some of the keys to a successful life?

Dena Daigle 1) Follow your heart always, trust your intuition and keep an open mind. 2) No dream is ever too big. 3) Pay attention to the signs from the universe because they will never steer you in the wrong direction. 4) Live through love.

David M Farrell Challenging that which is consistent

Cathryn Dawson Griffiths Adaptability

Paul Peace Throughput. The more goes through, the more ‘luck’ of both kinds occurs. Now focus on the good bits.

James Green Perseverance & Resilience will help you bounce back from temporary failures and ensure you push on to your next win!

Lynne Sturgess KISS – enjoy what you do

Kevin Gammie Great friends

Phil McGregor Do unto others

Jackie Strachan Being your authentic self,
LOTS of laughter

Sharon Wolff Taking day by day and loving life and not getting to stress. And always looking on the bright side of life



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