Sunday the 22nd April, Sharon and I completed our second milestone run on our quest to run the New York City Marathon, Sunday the 4th November. It was a 10 kilometre starting and finishing at the University of Queensland campus at St. Lucia Brisbane. It was our first community run since the Ladies International Pink Run back on the 4th March.

Since that run, Sharon and I have both sought the benefit of expert advice and sporting massage and our approach to training has changed markedly. Our regime now includes water running and our road running has changed to focus on interval running. We have been setting timers on our phones and we run for set times and walk for set times. We started at running for a minute, then walking for five. As we build endurance in our legs, calves, ankles and feet and as they become accustomed to the load, we increase the run time and decrease the walk. And I must say, this is working.

Doing the Twilight Run we set the timer at two minutes on, four minutes off and by doing so I managed to beat my time for the Pink Run by three minutes. The major benefit is the dramatic improvement in my legs. My legs feel less strained as we focus on technique when our running times are on. Our techniques are improving, our legs are strengthening and I have to say, training is fun.

Our next event is the Springfield 14km run on the 10th June, before we tackle the Gold Coast Half-Marathon.

I am really happy with our current progress, as our physio said, we needed to go backwards to go forwards and I feel we are on  a much better path. Facing the world with much greater awareness and knowledge and enjoying the journey.



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