Reiki for Health and Happiness

Have you considered Reiki as a way of boosting your health and happiness?

This energy-based approach to healing originated in ancient Tibetan Buddhist teachings, and is considered beneficial on both a physical and emotional level – not just in the moment of treatment, but for weeks afterwards.

But first, let’s explore the philosophy behind this gift from the east.

The 5 Key Principles of Reiki

 The five key principles of Reiki are:

  • Just for today, do not worry …
  • Just for today, do not anger …
  • Just for today, be humble …
  • Just for today, be honest …
  • Just for today, be compassionate towards yourself and others …

Like other eastern practices, the five key principles reveal a strong focus on mindfulness and living in the present moment.

This is not about suppressing our feelings, but rather, about coming to terms with them.

Using “Do Not Anger” as an example, it involves peeling back the layers to see what the anger trigger may be, without inflicting judgement on yourself. This can bring about a deeper sense of self-awareness and an improved emotional state.

The Benefits of Reiki

Reiki treatments have also been linked to better sleep quality, and research also suggests it helps reduce pain and anxiety, as well as improve mood and sense of wellbeing.

As a non-invasive approach to energy transfer, Reiki aims to restore balance across all systems of the mind, body, and spirit. Bringing these into harmony allows the body to release tension, and following a session, it is common to feel more peaceful, lighter, and more in tune with your inner self.

It can also bring increased clarity, allowing you to make sound decisions with a stronger level of confidence.

What to Expect

 The Reiki experience promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch.

Crystals may be used to add an extra element of healing, to assist with releasing emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks.

Following your session, you will feel a deep sense of tranquility and calm, while subsequent sessions will bring on deeper thoughts and a stronger sense of self.

For those in pursuit of health and happiness, Reiki is definitely worth considering!



Janet Camilleri
Janet Camilleri
After stints as a primary school teacher, check out chick, and debt collection officer, Janet Camilleri began freelance writing for magazines when her children were small. Since then, her work has appeared in hundreds of magazines, anthologies and websites, including the Huffington Post and Flying Solo. A multi-award winning business woman, in her “spare” time Janet enjoys blogging for fun at


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