Enhance Your Thinking, Elevate Your Life.

Enhance Your Thinking
Enhance Your Thinking

Enhance your thinking, elevate your life.

I recently saw a group of businesses walk out of a room, propelled by one question. Ready to analyse their business, and annihilate their competitors. That simple question?

“Am I relevant?”

A simple question that impacted a sold-out business event. One question…wow! A question asked by Steve Maraboli at an event, I was proud to host, in Queensland.

“Am I relevant?”

Every business person in that room, went away asking that question and ready to conquer the answer, by putting together strategy and action. And why?

They took the opportunity to enhance their thinking and by doing so, elevated their business and their life. They went there looking for the gold and they found it.

That opportunity was not taken by others? Why?

Some were too busy “doing”.

 They’re were the ones who said they couldn’t possible take time away, the business would collapse without them, deadlines would be missed, productivity would suffer.

And guess what. They are on track to achieve that anyway.

When you are the central character in a seemingly boiling pit of “busy-ness” the time will come when the pace of decline cannot be countered. You build yourself the circumstances of ultimate failure by failing to grow, by failing to act on your learnings.

And the cure is simply to make time. Time to review and refresh and to enhance the way you think.

Others were indifferent.

 These businesses knew it was on, they knew they could and knew they should attend. They just didn’t.

They may have been indifferent for a variety of reasons. They have been around for a while and “seen” or “know it all”. They have stopped allowing anything new in. And all due to indifference. Maybe they had reached or achieved their level of success and didn’t wish to continue to expand and grow. Maybe they just didn’t care.

I liken indifference to a bell curve, where we initially have a huge spike in passion and commitment, only for it to be drop away over time as the world grinds you down. You become indifferent and begin settling for the life and circumstances you have and stop chasing the life you desire. You duck and weave as you live life and business under the radar. Doing just enough to stay out of trouble but not enough to take a risk

You hold on to old methods and old thinking and work to keep them going.  You become friends with the status quo.

The concept of taking the time to invest in enhancing your thinking to embrace new levels is foreign. Indifference is the hallmark of the average, and the average don’t achieve great things.

Some have hitched their boat.

I have an open mind and eternally curious. I listen to podcasts on many different subjects and read relentlessly. If someone suggests a book, at the very least, I will read a summary or condensed version. I have been certified by two leading experts, but am influenced by many others. But I am also clear on what impacts me, and am happy to review something even if it doesn’t impact me personally.

Others hitch their boat to a way of thinking a particular “guru” and don’t accept other methods. They have stopped looking, and by doing so they miss out. They hitch their continuing growth to the continual growth of their guru. And seriously, how risky is that.

While others had excuses.

It’s not every day we have someone of the international standing and calibre of Steve Maraboli in Brisbane. And as the room was sold out, many realised this. For others, they didn’t have time; they couldn’t get there; it was the other side of town; they didn’t like someone else who was going; I’m not a morning person; my stars weren’t in alignment.

All perfectly legitimate to them, but what an opportunity missed. When we listen to our excuses we tend to miss great opportunities. Maybe, just maybe, if more effort was placed into making stuff happen, and less into excuses, your life and business move forward.

Stop allowing yourself to be your biggest block.

Key component of growth

To stay in a state where you are continually growing takes an intentional investment of time and awareness. When you invest money on your growth, turn the growth into action and reap the return on that investment.

Don’t be the person who has an overflowing cup of knowledge but an inactive state of action. That serves no-one, that serves no purpose.

You may know people like that. The balancing act of continual learning vs enhance your thinking

Stay true and stay loyal, but stay open. The key component is your growth because it is only when that is enhanced, does your life and business get elevated. And trust me, when you enhance your thinking, you elevate your life.



Tony Curl
Tony Curlhttp://www.coachcurl.com
Tony has been a successful corporate leader for 30 years. He now works alongside leaders around the world, and at home in Australia, to maintain clarity on their vision and purpose, and helps map their way around their roadblocks and obstacles. Tony helps people take the steps in their lives to become an influential leader. The leaders Tony helps aspire to greatness, so if you are aspiring to greatness take steps today. Unless you take action on your goals, they remain a dream. Tony is a published writer and his work is featured at his own Coach "Curl" blog as well as other sites around the globe. Tony is the owner and founder of Think and Grow Business and coaches and trains effective leadership skills and capabilities and develops better leaders, who then build better and stronger business. His passion lies in helping people discover their greatness by raising their leadership ability. Yes, everyone can be a leader and everyone should see themselves as a leader. Be the inspiration for someone today and let your journey inspire you. He has a growing following on his Social Media channels and has been published on a variety of sites around the globe. His words get quoted and shared daily by that growing tribe. He shares under the hashtags #dailyfuel #breaktheshackles. He recently released his first book "Seriously Simple Stuff to Get You Unstuck". Available at strongerbraverwiser.com


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