A lot has been written about the importance of breakfast and yet, about half of us do it: skipping breakfast before going to work. The other half mostly eat their breakfast on the run with cereal and milk sharing popularity with a vegemite toast. Despite being popular though, neither of them is adequate enough to feed our brain and body for the long day ahead.

So yes, breakfast is important, so why do we struggle to take that time for ourselves and enjoy breakfast? The number one reason I hear a lot is: ‘Well, I am way too busy, our mornings are really CRAZY busy, and I really can’t find the time to look after one of my basic needs’ or something along those lines.

Somehow I struggle with this reason. Sure, you are busy. Everyone is! But if I tell you that a group of researchers came to the conclusion that wild chimpanzees not only plan what they eat for breakfast, but also when and where they eat it? Surely that must make you scratch your head and rethink your answer?

But don’t get overwhelmed by getting breakfast ideas from Instagram, it might not be your best source. One could easily be overwhelmed by the sheer plethora of superfoods. But honestly, breakfast doesn’t need to be complicated, you just have to make it right!

A proper breakfast consists of protein, complex carbohydrates and fibre. To start with protein, think eggs, peanut butter and leftover meat or fish. Also embrace the chia seed puddings. Hip and nutritious, and the best of all, you can make them the night before, leaving you with precious minutes in the morning. And sure, protein helps you feel full longer to aid in weight loss… But more importantly, we need protein to make enzymes for optimum digestion, to produce new cells and help form hormones and neurotransmitters.

Complex carbohydrates as in rolled oats, wholemeal breads but also vegetables gives you a long lasting energy. Boiled eggs keep a few days in the fridge, so toast with avocado, tomato and said boiled egg takes hardly any more time to prepare than a vegemite toast.

Peanut butter sandwich are easy. Add some grated carrot for added vitamins, minerals and fibre. We need fibre for many reasons, but for those of you with a busy day ahead, fibre slows down the absorption of glucose and helps you avoid a ‘sugar dip’ later on the day. So sit down, breathe, and just take the 5 minutes to prepare and consume your breakfast!

Having breakfast has all sorts of benefits. But the most beneficial in these busy times, I find, the effect breakfast has on our brain functioning. In a large study of 800 nurse, their cognitive functioning was tested, based on whether a nourishing breakfast was consumed or not. The outcome was astonishing; the nurses who consumed a proper, nutritious breakfast made significantly less cognitive mistakes! Many similar studies have been done among students, trust the adolescence to skip breakfast, showing us that a nourishing breakfast does increase our cognition.

So in order to perform better at work, ace that presentation or have valuable input at meetings, start by taking your time to have a nourishing breakfast.

5 Minutes extra in bed will not prepare you for a challenging day ahead, however a 5 minute investment of your time to have breakfast, will!

Ripple Effect of Food

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