Maz’s Journey to Back to Healthier Maz

Personally, I don’t have much of a story to tell at the moment. Quite a work in progress. The journey is exciting, challenging and inspirational as for me, 3 wonderful things are happening.

As I’m shrinking, ever so slowly mind you, I have a shrinking companion – my brave and courageous granddaughter, who I’m raising. Just look what she has managed to achieve since August 7th this year.

The other amazing ‘Ripple Effect’ has been the fact that my relationship with my daughter. She has jumped on board to pull her spiraling life back into some order. This has created a common arena for the two of us to really communicate in – something that has been missing for years. So my story actually is 3 fold and basically based around the fact that ‘I changed my Attitude to life and my role that I have in living it. In doing so, the influence I am now having on those around me is very, very powerful!

I am really focussed on some of Geoff Jowett‘s Mantra at the moment in the Belly Busters Program I am doing with him. Food for Fuel, not for Comfort is one that has really resonated with me and one that I will hold onto now to build a healthier lifestyle.

Thanks for allowing me to share my journey over the next six weeks.




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