Food for Fuel – Not For Comfort. My Lightbulb Moment

Good morning Tribe
So I’m now here to be accountable for the next 6 weeks and the rest of my life
I’m only 152 cm tall. And don’t hold my weight well. I have been back on The Geoff Jowett Method and been inspired by his Facebook Live Videos and over the last ten weeks have now lost 11 kilograms.

Geoff’s “Iceberg Theory” has really got me thinking. It’s all the below the surface stuff that I am working on. I now know that is where the root cause of my food addiction lies.

On the Belly Buster program, Geoff shared the mantra, “Food for Fuel, Not for Comfort”. That changed my thinking, that became my lighbulb moment. A real turning point.

When making change in your life it’s important to have a TRIBE.  Geoff says TRIBE. CONNECTION. I believe that is so powerful

My challenge this coming week will be that we are going away for 5-6 days in the caravan to a State Convention. Lots of all day Forums & nightly get togethers Only hope I can get wifi / internet where we are so I can continue watching Geoff’s videos in the group. I have my tribe, I have my community, I have my mentor.


My goal was to loose 14 kg by 24/12/2017. And I’m on track for that. Then my next goal is to get to 65 kg by 31/1/2018

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