As summer rapidly approaches here in Australia many of my friends are beginning to STRESS about their “winter weight”.

For the past few years I have been coaching women how the LOVE THEMSELVES LEAN.

An important factor in anyone’s weight transformation journey is having absolute belief that you are constantly changing and obtaining your goal weight.

A key to changing your body shape is about treating yourself as if you have a healthy body and acting as though your goal is already achieved.

It’s so important to have gratitude for the universe, yourself, your body and the situation your in, and be inspired.

You need to be determined that you will melt fat off your body, in fact regularly tell the universe, your mind etc. that you’ve already lost the weight.

When I coach my clients I tell them it’s important to believe with absolute certainty that the universe is processing your request by moving the world’s energy to accommodate you.

When I’m wanting to shift those unwanted kilos I find ways to inspire myself to stay on track, I have find a beautiful dress I would LOVE to wear to a function in a few months time. I put it on LAYBY and I have so much fun thinking and day dreaming of wearing my fabulous dress over summer.

To really embrace and make this theory work you need to eat healthy foods, drink lots of water and have a nice walk each day. If you are serious about making great lifestyle choices and transforming your body you really need to think about and consider the following,

Do you continue eating as if it doesn’t matter? Do you continue being a couch potato?

That would say that your goal doesn’t matter and would effectively stop the process.

If you look in the mirror and are repulsed or constantly use the overweight or fat words in your thoughts and spoken words, wanting to be slimmer, then you’ll retain the weight no matter what you do.  Instead, outline what needs to be done to get to where you wish to be. Write down your goals, create a visualisation board on how you want your life to look in the future, be committed to eating and exercising properly.

To keep the momentum going when you look in the mirror compliment yourself on your fit and shapely figure, feel excited about how your clothes fit so perfectly and appreciate yourself for who you are!

Of course, the proper eating and exercise will help you lose weight, by the sheer fact that you’re doing them.

But they won’t ensure you lose enough weight to fit in that new dress on time, let alone look perfect.

The universe will take care of the amount of weight.

You take care of treating yourself and acting as if it’s already happened, because if you truly follow these ideals in your heart & mind then it already has happened.

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A positive by-product of absolute belief is that you develop more tolerance for the beliefs of others, adding more positivity into your life. Once you have enough faith in your own beliefs, it’s nearly impossible to be offended at the thoughts of others. You may even find them interesting.

On my own personal body transformation journey I have discovered that along with determination and belief was that I really needed to be enthusiastic about my goal. I found that everything that happened along the way was another joyous milestone, moving me another step closer to success. Enthusiasm added to my positive perspective and affirmed my belief in the outcome.

Enthusiasm comes from inspiration. Inspiration comes from knowledge and enrichment of the mind, while ignorance fosters and intensifies fear. Inspiration also helps you to further define and detail your plan of action.

Inspiration may be obtained through many sources. The most obvious is education, whether it is motivational material to keep you on your path or gaining more specific knowledge to achieve your success. Education may be reading books, magazines, and journals, taking workshops and classes, listening to tapes/CDs, and watching videos that educate and motivate in the area of your goal. You become what you study, so expose your mind to anything and everything that adds to the achievement of your success.

Also, include educational and motivational materials that will help you after your success is achieved. Currently, you are in “the process”. Once you’ve achieved your goal, you need to already have the knowledge and motivation to use the success in a positive manner and keep it moving forward.

During my weightloss journey I discovered that the key to achieving a balanced lifestyle was to eliminate chaos from my life. It was my experience that chaos not only took up time in my physical life; it takes up mental time and capacity. Chaos is the element that generally induces stress. It causes sleepless nights and interferes with meditation. It keeps your mind moving a mile a minute.

By eliminating chaos from my life and achieving balance I eliminated stress and mental fatigue, and it allowed me to focus on important things. It gave me the freedom to create, a vision in my mind of how I wanted to be and thus I learnt to love the body I was working with in my weight transformation, which was a necessary element of my fat melting success.

NOW; is when you can make a difference in your life, not the past or future. NOW is where you find happiness and inner peace. NOW is where you enjoy what the universe has given you — family, friends, and whatever brings you joy. They may not be there tomorrow. NOW is the place to plant seeds for tomorrow’s success

Photo by Ilya Yakover on Unsplash