The Home-Based Workers’ Mental Health Issues Nobody Talks About

Whether you’re a freelancer or you’ve chosen to embrace the potential of flexible working option in your company, working from home feels liberating.

At first.

But then the long days can lead to severe mental health issues. Indeed, working alone completely transcends social rules. You can find that days lose their colours and gradually you mind experience motivation, concentration and attention difficulties. The whole idea of setting your home office to reinforce your work/life balance can backfire and leaves many home-based workers in need of counselling. Here are the most frequent mental health issues home workers complain about.

Mental health

The mental health risks of working from home

I’ve never felt this lonely in my life

Sure, you can feel like you’re achieving a lot more at home than you do in an office. For a start, you can work without risking to be interrupted by a colleague. Interruptions in the workplace can cost you up to 70% of your productivity. So it’s fair to say that the first few weeks will feel liberating and highly productive until the sentiment of loneliness appears. When you work from home, you’ve got nobody to talk to. More often than not, you can spend an entire day where your only social interaction will be with the postman, for instance. The problem with this isolated workstyle is that it can rapidly turn into passive depression.

I can’t deal with it all

A lot of people tend to improve a home office environment, either in a room that they don’t use or on the corner of the kitchen table. After all, what more does a girl need to work from her laptop? But this attitude can rapidly make it difficult to think clearly. Indeed, when you work in a space that isn’t quite set up for work, your mind begins to notice the clutter around you. A cluttered home equals a clogged up mind. So the messier the room is, the more you’ll struggle to manage your daily task. There’s only one solution: DECLUTTER by hiring secured self storage units to keep your unwanted furniture and items. You’ll be surprised by how much mind clarity you’ll gain!

I don’t know how I put so much weight on

You’re typing with one hand and idly eating biscuits with the other. In fact, it’s only when the pack is empty that you notice you’ve been eating. Does it sound familiar? Binge-eating disorder is frequent for people who work at home. You turn to food as entertainment, a companion against loneliness. Unfortunately, binge-eating can go unnoticed unless you make a point of not buying anything unhealthy.

The fake disorder: talking to yourself

If you find that you can have a full conversation with yourself while working from home, there’s no need to call the nearest therapist and claim you’re losing your marbles. Talking to yourself is, contrary to the common belief, a healthy way of managing your thoughts. Whether you’re thinking or trying to stop yourself from something you shouldn’t be doing, expressing your concerns aloud ensures your brain is fully engaged in the communication. In fact, you think better when you talk to yourself!

From loneliness to monologues, working from home changes your habits and coping mechanisms. Indeed, you need to develop a way to manage your new professional situation. Given the choices, talking to yourself is by far the healthiest solution to stay focused and productive!




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