You might have noticed an issue with your health. Perhaps, you have discovered a physical problem, or maybe it seems to be more psychological. Now, you are terrified that you might be suffering from a serious medical condition or illness. It’s understandable, and a lot can go wrong with your body. As well as this, there are always media reports claiming that you could die from the next epidemic. Years ago, one newspaper announced that Bird Flu would kill one hundred thousand in the first year. The actual total number of deaths were just over 100. As such, there are a few things that you should not do when you think there might be an issue with your health.

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Don’t Panic

There’s no need to panic until you have seen a doctor. It’s easy to get carried away and assume that something is seriously wrong with you when really, there are a lot of more basic explanations that you haven’t considered because you don’t have medical expertise. You’ll be thinking in terms of zebras whereas your doctor knows it’s probably just a regular old horse. What this means is that while you will be considering rare and dangerous diseases or medical conditions, your doctor won’t have ruled out the common cold.

As well as this, by panicking, you can actually make the situation worse. It is possible for a psychological reaction to cause physical symptoms.

Don’t Go Online

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You might think that if you type your symptoms into Google, it will come up with the most likely conditions. But actually, that’s not how Google works. Google isn’t a medical search tool, it’s just a search engine. This means the results that appear are the most SEO friendly which doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the most accurate. It’s the most interesting or exciting which means things like cancer will always pop up while your regular old cyst will be right at the bottom of the pile. This is just one of the reasons why you can’t trust the medical information you find online, even if it is from official websites and pages. Ultimately, it could still be complete nonsense.

Don’t Get A Call Appointment

If you’re really worried about your health, you should not be accepting a consultation over the phone. It’s very difficult to tell what something is without actually seeing it in person or running some tests. As well as this, it’s possible that you are misdiagnosed. According to Brauns Law, medical malpractice suits are common. But they are far more difficult to argue when the patient never actually went to see the doctor in person.

Don’t Guess What Medicine You Need

Finally, there are sites online where you can order medicine often without prescriptions. As well as this, you can get various basic meds without a prescription over the counter. But actually, you shouldn’t be using any of these until you know what is causing the issue. It could make it worse and transform what was a minor issue into a serious medical problem.