It seems our western culture is obsessed with youth and physical beauty.

Unhelpful stereotypes abound, and growing older is typically viewed through a narrow,
negative lens.

Yet with more of us ageing than ever before, it’s time to stop thinking of our senior years as “the loss of youth”.

Rather, it’s time to pause and reflect on the many gains that come with increased maturity!

Advantages of Maturity

Here are just a few:

  • Greater wisdom through life experience.
  • More patience and tolerance.
  • No longer sweating the small stuff, because we know what’s important in life.
  • Increased self-confidence and self-worth.
  • Caring less about what other people think.
  • Greater authenticity and acceptance of flaws.

Better ability to appreciate the simple things in life.

It’s All in the Mind

Recent research has revealed that our ability to tackle new problems actually increases as
we grow older, thanks to the dynamite combination of learned knowledge and experience.

And contrary to prior misconceptions, it’s been shown that the brain can form new neural
connections at any age, and it is possible to master new skills throughout the life cycle.

Powerful Positivity

Cultivating a positive attitude is one of the most important things we can do at any age!

The practice of identifying three things to be grateful for every day is a useful exercise.
Interestingly, the science behind this indicates that coming up with three different things is
not the point. Rather, it is the act of changing mental gears that packs the powerful punch,
and this becomes new learned behaviour over time.

Being able to see the good in things makes a big difference in terms of health and wellbeing!

Fully alive and engaged

It’s time to reject those outdated stereotypes as we grow older, and instead focus on
embracing life to the full.

There is no reason to slow down when there are so many wonderful ways to stay active and
engaged in life. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Try new activities such as kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, biking, sailing, dancing,
  • Work out with a personal trainer specifically interested in helping mature
  • Use mindfulness and meditation to stay mentally healthy.
  • Take up yoga or pilates to stay flexible and improve balance.
  • Try different foods and cuisines.
  • Explore new places, plan a vacation or consider moving to a new location.
  • Make friends with those from different nationalities and age groups.
  • Learn new skills through online courses or webinars, TAFE or even university.

By changing our outlook on maturity and seeing it as something we gain, rather than the
loss of youth, we are setting ourselves up for a HAPPY, not just long, life!