The twin of the successful morning routine is the relaxing and powerful evening routine. Instead of sliding stressed from day into night and possibly tossing to and fro in your sleep, turn off the thought highway with a clever evening ritual. Every evening you dedicate yourself to the same meaningful activity. In this way, you can calmly meditate. In other words: negative emotions are not allowed in the bedroom.  This will only hinder sleep. It’s believed that millions of us are sleep deprived daily. You may already know the feeling – headaches, tired eyes, fatigue, poor concentration, and more. We can try to eliminate that, but it takes work. You may want to add a little coconut candle, or Eucalyptus Spray , you may even want to add some relaxing sounds into the mix.

evening routine

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Create a to-do list 

How about not turning on the television after work and instead taking the time to write down all the important tasks for the next day? A notebook or your own smartphone are ideal for this. If you would like to use the latter, numerous apps are available for download under the terms notes, to-do’s, calendar or checklist. After you have written everything down, release your thoughts from your job to think about important tasks for the next day. The purpose of  to-do lists is precisely for this reason. You no longer need to worry about forgetting anything. The self-created list also ensures a feeling of security. You are immediately more relaxed and save a lot of energy.  

Reflect on the day 

Self-reflection in the evening is as successful as it is easy. As you reflect on your day, take a close look at your actions and analyze your behavior. Acknowledge these and ask yourself what you could do better tomorrow. Do not go into negative emotions, but look at what happened as a neutral observer. Ideally, you should record the results in writing in a journal. In retrospect, this will help you understand yourself better. If you exercise regularly, you will quickly see where there is still room for improvement and where you are already on the right track. Successful people don’t just have a positive mindset, but also have excellent  self-knowledge. Richard Branson is a self-confessed journal lover, you know?

Do sports 

Practice sport to switch off and reap the health benefits. You not only get a well-trained body and have more concentration, but also a strengthened immune system. This prevents diseases and alleviates existing ones. So go for a jog or walk and fill up with a good dose of oxygen while your everyday life falls by the wayside. You will feel fresh and fit afterwards! It also helps clear your mind and reset it, so to speak. Some people like to add in a little yoga before bed. Some prefer things that are a bit more demanding such as boxing or dancing.  The next morning you can look forward to a clear mind and new power because you have been able to completely rejuvenate. 

Cover Image Photo by Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash