Top Reasons People Avoid the Dentist

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People have varied reasons for avoiding the dentist all their lives. While some associate it with anxiety issues, others believe the sheer cost of dental services can be a significant put-off. However, they fail to understand that dental costs vary depending on the condition you present with. For example, professional teeth cleaning costs between $75 and $200 (Australian dollars) depending on where you go. Therefore, knowing ahead of time helps you to prepare adequately. If this piqued your interest, find out more about the reasons people avoid the dentist.

  1. Dental anxiety issues

Anxiety may arise from the fear of dental instruments, a previous bad experience, or a person’s shame in connection with their dental condition. The latter is true, especially when the person has tooth decay or severely d teeth. A 2019 dental report indicated that 80% of adults always experience anxiety when visiting the dentist. Because it is a psychological issue, the likelihood that adults will seek dental services is high. Sadly, this group suffers more from progressive tooth decay, tooth loss, and untreated periodontitis.

2. Cost

The cost of dental services will depend on the type of treatment you receive. The more severely damaged your dentition is, the higher your chances of paying more. Indeed, you have the option to seek the services of an affordable dentist but ensure that the one you settle on is licensed and has a high success rate. For many people, saving towards a dental treatment does not seem motivating enough, especially when there’s the mortgage, child care, monthly expenses, etc., to consider.

Unfortunately, if that is your stance, it would help if you change your mindset. The second point talks about the linkage between poor oral health and certain chronic medical conditions. That should be more than enough reason to prioritise saving towards your dental treatment. The overall benefits after dental care far outweigh the cost you may have incurred. Therefore, take another look at your refusal to see the dentist and make the right decision.

3. Poor education on the impact of oral health on overall health

According to dental surveys conducted between 2017 and 2020, very few people know that poor dental health can affect their overall health. Chronic conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, etc., have been linked to poor oral care. At the same time, certain chronic conditions can put your oral health at risk. Unfortunately, people ignore dental visits due to the lack of education on the linkage. 

4. Too busy to commit the time

Believe it or not, this is one of the top reasons people avoid the dentist. Because their dental care is the last thing on their minds, they fail to make time to see the dentist. For others, as long as their dentition looks good, they see no reason to visit the dentist. Sadly, this is not a good attitude towards dental health because perfectly-looking teeth do not mean you’re in the clear. According to dentists, cavities can appear in the teeth and remain undetected for years until they cause excruciating pain.

To conclude, it’s great that you’re already brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing as often as possible. However, make dental visits a crucial part of your routine if you want your teeth to last you a lifetime.



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