Pain is rarely ever a good sign. If you ever experience any aches or pains of any kind, then there’s a good chance that it’s because your body is trying to tell you that something is wrong and you should try and fix it as soon as possible.

A toothache is one of the most common warning signs that something is wrong with your teeth, your gums, or the nerves around your teeth. There are many different kinds of toothaches, but it’s usually what prompts us to visit a dentist even if we haven’t been for many years. So if you’re facing a toothache and aren’t sure what to do, then here are a couple of solutions to help you out.

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Do you need to visit a dentist?

First, ask yourself if this is a situation where you need to visit your dentist. If you’re facing a serious amount of pain and it’s keeping you up at night, then you may want to book an appointment with a local dentist as soon as possible. If the pain is excruciating, then you may even want to visit your local hospital. Everyone experiences pain in a different way, so depending on your tolerance you may be able to wait it out until your appointment or alternatively, you could consider visiting a hospital in an emergency.

Try applying a cold compress

Applying a cold compress usually does the trick for pain. You typically want to hold it against the area of your mouth that is hurting but remember to keep a layer between your face and the cold compress (such as a piece of cloth) so that it doesn’t start sticking to your face. A cold compress will soothe the inflammation fairly quickly, but it might not help with the pain if it’s coming from nerve damage.

Try applying a hot pack

Alternatively, a hot pack can also help soothe inflammation. If you don’t have a cold compress or it’s not working, then you could try a hot pack instead. Again, place something between the pack and your face so that you can moderate the temperature, and push it against the area of your mouth that has the toothache. This should remedy the pain and provide temporary relief for some time.

Try painkillers

Painkillers can also be a good option if you’re facing a sharp and throbbing pain. If it’s just a dull ache, then regular painkillers can work. However, if it feels like a stabbing pain then it could be a nerve-related problem. For nerve-related pain, you may need a different kind of pain killer. You should consult your doctor if you need temporary relief from nerve-related tooth pain.

Try rinsing with saltwater

People often think that rinsing with saltwater can negatively affect their pearly white teeth. However, salt water is a great way to reduce swelling and clean the affected area, thus reducing some of the pain and providing a bit of relief. It can potentially help you get rid of the pain much faster.

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